Monday, October 1, 2012

The Lies that Bind Klausner

Oh what a web we weave when first we practice to deceive”!

Harriet Klausner is a public figure as a result of her reviews in dozens and dozens of public forums and interviews in numerous publications.  She has demonstrated her inability to keep her stories straight and has destroyed her credibility with the sword of untruthfulness.

Truth is an absolute defense and it cannot be disproven.  It requires no support system; requires no extra work; it is the natural order of things and needs no explanation.  Falsehoods on the other hand, feed on themselves.  To maintain a basic lie, a growing framework of deceit must be constructed.   It takes a lot of energy and effort to build a support system for the one, underlying, deliberate misconstruction.

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When we make representations about ourselves, it is our words that become our defender or the sword that destroys us.
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buck210 said...

Very interesting Embee.

Great job gathering all of this!

Malleus said...

This is complete nuts. I was unaware of this, um... duality. Something wrong "upstairs"? How can you explain this?

Embee said...

I think it's really creepy, honestly. Especially when you read the description of the book "The Devil's Apocrypha" and its related reviews.

Dona said...

GREAT job. Even I am amazed!

Chick Pilot said...

                                          "Oh what tangled webs..."

MY Fantasy "Harriet" Reality.                                  MY Actual Life

Brilliant PhD in astrophysics (just once I'd           M.B.A/M.Ed.  (woo-hoo)
like to be called a rocket scientist

Fighter pilot who saved the world.                            Pilot who lives an ordinary life
                                                                                               (albeit happy)                       

Speed reads 200 books a day.                           Lucky to read two books a 
Actually enjoys them and posts                                Week (God forbid things like
reviews that readers cherish.                                     LIFE should get in the way)

Accomplishes world peace.                                        Okay.  Let's be 
                                                                                               Peace is great but a porsche 
                                                                                               and a Cessna 310 would be
                                                                                               kinda fun....

                                                     BOTTOM LINE

Harriet lives in some alternate reality in which only aliens and well fed robots exist.  Personally I'm going go feed the kids/hubster/dogs and call it a good day.

Chick Pilot said...

I wonder if Crazy H took her bio inspiration from John Lovitz's SNL character Tommy Flanagan, The Pathalogical Liar. "Yeah, that 's the ticket!".

Anonymous said...

Brilliant work, Embee! You never cease to impress me! Who the hell knows who this Harriet Klaunser character really is?! Could she have a Dissociative Identity Disorder? Maybe she is an INNOCENT fraud; completly unaware that her MIND has an out of order sign on it?? I am seriously perturbed by all this newfound information. It's no WONDER she's illerate if she's complaining to be self-taught in the reading department.

Malleus said...

Hello, Chick Pilot! Welcome onboard.

Embee, I take it this comparison came from juxtaposing Harriet's profile on the US Amz site and the UK Amz site. Could you make it more explicit? Like maybe a couple of links, or at least, explain how you came up with this information (which, I'll say it again, is absolutely striking).

Embee said...


I'd be happy to do it, but I'm not a visualizer and I'm not sure exactly what you mean.

Not all of the juxtapositioning came from the UK site; most of it came from several different sites. I kept the document, of course, and can link to them.

Unfortunately, I've got Windows 7, though, and inserting the hyperlinks doesn't look like it's working right. I used to be able do the links really easy. I'll figure this out somehow.

In the meantime, I did put the references where I got the material from at the bottom of the page under "Sources".