Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Buck210 Gets Hit Again

I got hit again by AMMY, again it was deleted within just a few minutes of posting it.

Not sure what they are upset about as there was nothing in it other than my normal insults to Hattie and picking at her allergy to the comma key.

It read like this:

“The Perpetual Perpetrator of Poor Punctuation” writes "Still this tender tale", what do you mean by this? This tender tale is to remain motionless?

Fraud Hattie did not read this book or any of the other 27,000+ books that she posted these fake reviews for.

Anybody else got any ideas as to why they got so upset to delete it?

I may have had "The Butcheress of Grammar" in there too, but, I've used that one before and it didn't get ax'd?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fraud Hatties 27,000 milestone reached along with a 71 fake review outburst.

Posted on Fraud Hatties 27,000 fake review

This fake review marks another milestone, 27,000, for fraudulence from "The Cozy Queen of Crap" and is part of a 69 fake review outburst today, May 1st.

So far this year (112 days) she has posted 900 fake reviews, that comes to a ytd average of over 8 per day.

If Hattie read 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, that would come to over 2 pages per minute, not to mention the time it takes to actually write these fake reviews.

This year in review:
214 fraudulent reviews in Jan 2012 6.90 per day 6.90 YTD 5.91 Overall 26340 Reviews to date
203 fraudulent reviews in Feb 2012 7.25 per day 7.08 YTD 5.92 Overall 26543 Reviews to date
219 fraudulent reviews in Mar 2012 7.06 per day 7.07 YTD 5.93 Overall 26762 Reviews to date
195 fraudulent reviews in Apr 2012 6.50 per day 6.93 YTD 5.93 Overall 26957 Reviews to date
69 fraudulent reviews in May 2012 69.00 per day 8.04 YTD 5.95 Overall 27026 Reviews to date