Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hurried Klausner Hurrying a little too much?

Looks like she got a little carried away with the cut and paste.


Malleus said...

Bad link.

Cathy said...

It appears Amazon has caught the error, and deleted it. However, if you go to most recent comments/reviews and scroll to the Book called Let Me in you can see the dual review. The review on top is for the book named, then she must have pasted the other review and book info directly underneath that one.

Cathy said...

Tell you what, for posterity before it disappears altogether, here's the double review:

"terrific Icelander police procedural, October 16, 2007
In the autumn of 1981 in Blackeberg, Sweden, his family, his schoolmates, and his teachers pick on twelve years old Oskar, an obese genius. Oskar is angry with being the victim of all these bullies especially those who call him "pig-gy" or "piggy" and dreams of one day avenging all the affronts he has to eat.

Moving next door to Oskar's family is beautiful Eli and her "father" Hakan who seems to be fascinated with the overweight preadolescent. In fact Hakan is a mortal who abducts boys using anesthesia and drains them of their blood before presenting his chosen ones to his master, Eli a two century plus vampire. However, this time Hakan errs and a corpse drained of blood is found on the street even as Oskar believes Eli is his mechanism for revenge if he can rid her of her faithful servant.

This is an interesting Swedish vampire thriller starring three lost souls, who make up a relationship triangle from hell. Hakan lives to worship Eli; she is depressed and alone in spite of her submissive sycophant's loyalties, but her species also requires survival as the most basic hierarchal need; Oskar is the poster child for bully victim as those who should be helping him heap more abuse on him; his anger at the world has broken the dam. Vampire fans will enjoy this strong nail biter at the edge of the Arctic Circle.

Harriet Klausner

Arnaldur Indridason
Dunne, Oct 2007, $23.95
ISBN: 9780312358716

The grand hotel is loaded with tourists vacationing in Iceland during Christmas. However, the management calls the Reykjavik police to inform them someone murdered their doorman who doubled as Santa Claus. Police inspector Erlendur and Detectives Sigurdur Oli and Elinborg arrive at the crime scene to find in the basement the bludgeoned corpse of Gudlaugur Egilsson; a used condom hangs from his penis.

As saliva is taken from all the guests and employees, the three cops interview everyone, but no one admits knowing the victim outside of the hotel. The hotel manager confesses that he had just fired Gudlaugur, but had no motive to kill him. Erlendur and his companions soon learn that Gudlaugur was a popular soprano as a young boy so the sleuths turn towards his family, whom he was estranged from after an incident with his father left the older Egilsson wheelchair bound. Erlendur personalizes the case as it reminds him of his own family, but diligently continues seeking the motive that will lead to the killer's identity if DNA testing fails to do so.

This terrific Icelander police procedural combines a strong murder investigation with Erlendur's personal crisis as the case is wearing him down. His daughter visits him though everyone assumes she is a hooker he hired, and he considers an affair with a crime scene technician. Readers will appreciate Arnaldur Indridason's fabulous whodunit due to predominately Erlendur (see his previous case SILENCE OF THE GRAVE).

Harriet Klausner"

Malleus said...

:-))) Interesting: the book was to be released on Oct 16. The book page shows no reviews. However, the review (with two comments!) shows up on the HK reviews list. How can that be?

Cathy said...

We're back to the old saga of looking at reviews by the most current review as opposed to the most recent comments.

If a review has been deleted (by author or amazon) it won't show on profile page when looking at most recent review option. However if you choose option to look at most recent comment, for some reason known only to amazon, that review is still there. It used to be that you could still click and see the comments, but that's one thing they haven't fixed. Complicated answer, but does it make sense?

Malleus said...

Yeah, I got you. At least it's not just me seeing things ! :-)