Monday, May 31, 2010

Klausner Defense Shield is ON again.

Helen says:
Interesting. My yes 'votes' counted on the other reviews but since this review was confusing I voted no and my no 'vote' didn't register???
Again, I thought I'd test this (again, I remind the reader here that I can't possibly qualify as Harriet's "fan" since I never vote on her reviews, other than for testing -- which is like once a year maybe). Well, I voted, and my vote did not show up. The Bozos Schield is up again? No wonder our dear Harriet bubbled up in rank up to No. 652 (a couple of months ago she was what? 705 or something?).

Btw, there's a delightfully indignant new poster who apparently has just discovered the Klausner scam: "The Butler". For example,
The Butler says:
Does this synopsis writer get paid by the word?
Yes, Butler, I bet she does! Now, how long till Amazon blows The Butler away for making critical comments about their poster-girl Harriet? Faites vos jeux... I say, by tomorrow morning everything he's posted will be obliterated by Amazon and he himself will be banned from the site. If past is any lesson, Amazon will not tolerate public discussion of their top con-artist Harriet Klausner whose lifetime average (since Nov 1999) is six reviews a day, near all of them five stars (a handful four stars, and never really anything less than that).
Bingo! The Butler's gone. 07/12/2010