Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mass Effect: Looks like Hattie found the wrong book to review

So far, 0 of 41 3 of 101 3 of 125 3 or 150 3 of 180 3 of 196 3 of 241 found it helpful (here's the link to it). I wanted to preserve it here before she deletes it on Amz. Malleus, maybe sometime you could show me how to put the links in like the others you post?? or, modify this one?? Thanks!! [Done! Always glad to help. Great job as always, buck210!]

0 of 41 people found the following review helpful:
exciting military-political science fiction, January 31, 2012
By Harriet KlausnerThis review is from: Mass Effect: Deception (Mass Market Paperback)
The Reapers starships have entered the galaxy where earthlings have joined other alien sentient races mostly in harmony (see Drew Karpyshyn entries - Retribution; Ascension; and Revelation). As they have done for every fifty millennia these bellicose outsiders have come with one purpose in mind; "harvesting" the organic.

Earthlings and their allies have tried several ploys with some success at the immense collateral cost to the innocent in order to prevent extinction. Former Navy admiral David Anderson and his partner ex Council Director Kahlee Sanders have proof the Reaper threat is genuine, but the Council members refuse to accept extinction is a viable event. While the leaders remain in denial, The Illusive Man, head of top secret military unit Cerberus, learns the pair knows too much about his operation. They must die. However, the beleaguered couple meets Gillian Grayson, who suffered hideous experiments that have left her with incredible power. When she learns the Illusive Man killed her father Paul, she obsesses with a bone marrow deep need to execute him.

As with Mr. Karpyshyn's entries, this exciting military-political science fiction tale, based on the Mass Effect game, contains strong timely moral questions. The action-packed storyline asks the audience to ponder when does personal need supersede the greater societal good and whether there are scenarios in which not executing a cold killer who deserves to die is needed to save trillions of lives. Filled with action, fans will relish William Dietz's first Mass Effect galaxy thriller.
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Initial post: Jan 31, 2012 2:43:53 AM PST
StraightShooter says:

So are you paid for reviews or just know nothing about Mass Effect?

PS. Deleting comments shows your true colors.
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Posted on Jan 31, 2012 2:48:34 AM PST
Last edited by the author 3 hours ago
Icinix says:
Fans are not relishing Dietz first Mass Effect Novel.

They are uniting and hoping and petitioning BioWare that Dietz is not even allowed near a country that might have something to do with Mass Effect.
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Posted on Jan 31, 2012 2:52:04 AM PST
A. Jay says:
This book is little more than an slap to the face of the Mass Effect franchise and its fans. There are obviously strings being pulled above this reviewer.
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Posted on Jan 31, 2012 2:53:51 AM PST
Maugrim says:

A big old fake.
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Posted on Jan 31, 2012 2:57:36 AM PST
J. K. Wiltshire says:
Are you high or something?
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Posted on Jan 31, 2012 3:21:32 AM PST
Chris says:
Did you forget to add the disclaimer where you profess to both a complete ignorance of all things Mass Effect and not having read the book at all?
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Posted on Jan 31, 2012 3:53:12 AM PST
GS says:
you obviously did not read this book! you should feel ashamed.
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Posted on Jan 31, 2012 6:20:37 AM PST
M. Rice says:
It is almost painfully obvious you didn't read this. If anyone was looking for proof of your legitimacy, here it is.
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Screenshots (click on image for full size):

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Klausner's Good Works are Physically Impossible! Correct.

Denise Karen says:
They need to change their policy! If everyone called up and complained, Amazon would be forced to make changes. It is physically impossible for one person to read over 26,000 books in 11 years. I actually took the exact number the other day and divided by 4015 (11 years x 365 days); and she would have to have read approximate 6.5 books a day, EVERY DAY, for the past 11 years! No one can do that!! I don't care how fast a speed reader you are, this is impossible.
Denise is exactly right (except if everyone called, Amazon would banish them from their site and go on as before... how do I know? They've done it a million times already). Amazon likes fake reviews because they sell books, regardless of the books' quality. Amazon doesn't care about quality of what they sell to you, they only care to get a cut of what you paid for it. If they manipulated you into buying crap, it's all the same for them. Truth in advertizing it is not. Beware.

(Screenshot follows, click for full size)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Keep Quiet About Klausner on Amazon or Amazon Will Shut You Up

As always, Amazon doesn't like people talking about Amazon's shills (like Klausner) on Amazon. Nothing new, and here it goes again:
L. Donner says:
Well this is interesting. I posted a comment on this review yesterday calling Harriet a fraud and an idiot (can't even get facts right) and apparently my post was taken down by Amazon (I called out Amazon for continuing to allow these false reviews). Let's see if this post stays. Sorry Amazon and Harriet if the truth hurts but false reviews do not do anyone any good and deprive readers of a true barometer of public opinion. Anyone who thinks I'm being harsh should find out how many "reviews" Harriet has posted and the truth will be known.

And indeed, under another Klausner review (scroll down to the comment area) we see a stub of what used to be L.Donner's comment until Jan 23, 2012 11:19:10 PM:

Seems like Amazon doesn't want their visitors to become aware of Amazon's army of reviewing frauds with Klausner The Queen of Shills at the helm. Shall we believe our lying eyes or there are other explanations? Please chime with any alternative hypotheses.
PS. Needless to say, we totally agree with poster "L.Donner". Peruse the commentary under Klausner reviews and see how many of these "Deleted by Amazon" stubs you can find. You can be sure that the most of them (probably all) were about Harriet's insolent shilling. Harriet, let us remember, has posted about six (6) reviews every day since the beginning of her current posting account at the end of November 1999. So she's been reading six books every day since Nov 1999? And that is only the good books, 'cause as was reported, she does not review the books she doesn't like — but they certainly do exist, just remain unreflected in her reviewing record. Six books a day is her "lifetime" average rate; if you follow her patterns more closely, you'll see that shorter-term averages are even more absurd, like ten (10) a day or thereabouts. There's been days when she deposited over a hundred reviews! Apparently Amazon doesn't have a very high opinion of their customers' intelligence, if they hope anyone one earth still believes that Harriet's semi-literate shill jobs are anything but.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Klausner Caught with Pants Down (again)

Once again Hurried Klausner neglects to read the book prior to reviewing it ("reviewing", that is).
Initial post: Jan 13, 2012 11:28:46 PM PST
Tina says:
as usual, ms. klausner's "synopsis" of the book has absolutely NO resemblance to the actual plot of the story... the actual story written by anne gracie is so much better, too bad ms. klausner didn't read the book.
Hahaha. Harriet, time to retire, no?
Snapshot follows, click on image for full size:

Thursday, January 5, 2012

C. Temple doesn't understand. Let's help.

Poster "C. Temple" wrote in a comment under a Klausner review:
Posted on Jan 4, 2012 7:55:18 PM PST
C. Temple says:
Two things I do not understand -
1. What purpose does a person get out of posting fake reviews? Honestly I do enjoy writing reviews but only after I finish reading the books.
2. WHy does Amazon seem to "reward" an obvious fraud?
Well, C.Temple, let's think of it. We'd have to guess 'cause they won't tell us, but what if, say, Harriet were paid under the table for posting her ever-positive blurbs? Let's be conservative and say it's, um, $20. This is beer change as far as promoting books; official review mills charge hundreds. Back-of-the-envelope reckoning follows: let's assume she dumps 250 blurbs a month (far from her peak; for exact numbers see previous post by our awesome statistician "buck210"). And so, $20 x 250 = $5,000 a month. Not shabby, is it? In yearly terms, it's $60,000. A lot of people work at honest jobs for less than that.

Your second question, why does Amazon "seem to reward" the notorious, obvious fraud Harriet Klausner? Again, Jeff Bozos didn't tell me that, but if I were to take a gander, I'd say, well, he sells stuff, and so I suppose he likes five-star reviews of the said stuff — after all, positive reviews improve sales, that's a scientific fact — see Six Degrees of Reputation: The Use And Abuse of Online Recommendation Systems by Shay David.

See? How hard was that. Of course, those are hypotheses; if you, Dear Reader, have other ideas, feel free to share, we're quite interested in alternative explanations.

A shapshot, as usual, just in case, click image for full size.

PS. Sorry, the link to David's paper seem no longer valid; I'll leave it as is in case it "comes alive", but for now, here's a google search on the paper's title and author name.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012: Harriet Takes the Bull by the Horns (67 Books Read and Reviewed Today)

Posted today on her latest fake review:

A very fast start for Hattie in 2012, 67 fake reviews just today!

And, after a very slow month of December for the Fraud Known as HK, (157 fake reviews in a month is slow for Hattie anyway) here is the year of 2011 for your viewing pleasure:

185 fraudulent reviews in Jan 2011 5.97 per day 5.97 YTD 5.79 Overall 23678 Reviews to date
229 fraudulent reviews in Feb 2011 8.18 per day 7.07 YTD 5.81 Overall 23907 Reviews to date
204 fraudulent reviews in Mar 2011 6.58 per day 6.91 YTD 5.81 Overall 24111 Reviews to date
306 fraudulent reviews in Apr 2011 10.20 per day 7.73 YTD 5.84 Overall 24417 Reviews to date
171 fraudulent reviews in May 2011 5.52 per day 7.29 YTD 5.84 Overall 24588 Reviews to date
219 fraudulent reviews in Jun 2011 7.30 per day 7.29 YTD 5.85 Overall 24807 Reviews to date
218 fraudulent reviews in Jul 2011 7.03 per day 7.25 YTD 5.86 Overall 25025 Reviews to date
289 fraudulent reviews in Aug 2011 9.32 per day 7.51 YTD 5.89 Overall 25314 Reviews to date
230 fraudulent reviews in Sep 2011 7.67 per day 7.53 YTD 5.90 Overall 25544 Reviews to date
210 fraudulent reviews in Oct 2011 6.77 per day 7.45 YTD 5.90 Overall 25754 Reviews to date
215 fraudulent reviews in Nov 2011 7.17 per day 7.43 YTD 5.91 Overall 25969 Reviews to date
157 fraudulent reviews in Dec 2011 5.06 per day 7.23 YTD 5.91 Overall 26126 Reviews to date

I found some more interesting facts on Our Lady of Perpetual Posting, originally posted by (and many thanks to) Brian A. Roush. As stated by Brian, these stats are not 100% accurate, but are more accurate that any of Fraud HK's fake reviews:

Top 10 postings of fake reviews in a day:
140 31-Oct-04
125 3-Sep-08
116 4-Nov-08
114 2-Apr-08
114 6-Mar-08
113 2-Jul-03
112 7-Aug-08
108 3-Feb-09
102 2-Aug-06
101 18-Jan-03
101 5-Jul-06

66 Vine Reviews
312 AVP Reviews

Reviews by Year / Per Month / Per Day / Up-Down
1999 85
2000 1204 100.33 3.30
2001 1467 122.25 4.02 0.72
2002 1395 116.25 3.82 -0.20
2003 2063 171.91 5.65 1.83
2004 2140 178.33 5.86 0.21
2005 2092 174.33 5.73 -0.13
2006 2535 211.25 6.95 1.21
2007 2458 204.83 6.73 -0.21
2008 2481 206.75 6.80 0.06
2009 2849 237.41 7.81 1.01
2010 2727 227.25 7.47 -0.33
2011 2570 214.16 7.04 -0.43

Reviews by Star Rating: 99.7 percent of Fraud HK Reviews are 4 or 5 stars
1 0 0.000 Only 82 with a * rating if 3 or below
2 3 0.000 None of them were 1 *
3 79 0.003
4 8938 0.343
5 17030 0.654
Star Rating / Helpful Votes / Total Votes / % Helpful
2 11 12 92%
3 315 483 65%
4 25719 36750 70%
5 73408 98438 75%
Tot 99453 135683 73%

Helpfulness by year: Helpful-Total-% Helpful-Reviews-Votes per Review
1999 1237 1361 90.9% 85 16.01
2000 11984 13822 86.7% 1204 11.48
2001 8057 10044 80.2% 1467 6.85
2002 5730 7345 78.0% 1395 5.27
2003 8575 11114 77.2% 2063 5.39
2004 10071 13483 74.7% 2140 6.30
2005 9025 12046 74.9% 2092 5.76
2006 8696 12455 69.8% 2535 4.91
2007 7828 12548 62.4% 2458 5.10
2008 8804 13565 64.9% 2481 5.47
2009 6915 9905 69.8% 2849 3.48
2010 7043 9867 71.4% 2727 3.62
2011 5488 8128 67.5% 2570 3.16

In case you missed it, she posted 140 fake reviews on October 31st, 2004. Yes, 140, in one day, that's 6 books per hour or, 1 book every 10 minutes, supposedly read and a fake review posted for it.

Hattie, you started this fiasco of creating fake reviews of books you did not read on 9/21/1999, that's 12 plus years of fraud.

Disclaimer: The date of 9/21/1999 is the date of the first fake review recorded under her name. Fraud HK actually started posting fake reviews on Amazon long before that date but there is no easy way to track them as they all look to be recorded under "A Customer". You can find some of them if you look hard enough. And, since she can put out 1000 fake reviews in just a few months, the estimate is 3500-5000 fake reviews prior to 9/21/1999.

Ok, I'm done for now, I'll report back again next month with a recap of January, again, 67 just today, with a start like this, we could have another 300+ month.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year Everyone!

We're sure in this new year our goddess Harriet will give us loyal admirers — also known as "subgenre fans" — much reason to relish. Over the top of the Empire State Building and Mount Everest! Oh joy without end that is Harriet. Hold on to your seats, boys and girls, it's getting better and better. Cheers!