Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My Elves Are Different

Visit "My Elves Are Different" and click on the picture to enlarge it.

Monday, May 28, 2007

More on that disappearing review

I can't figure out how to edit the blog.

The reviewer who made the snotty comment #139, http://www.amazon.com/gp/cdp/member-reviews/A3B48AN8JID1JK/002-5252214-5336844?ie=UTF8&display=public&sort%5Fby=MostRecentReview&page=1.

My goodness, she's really into the HK type of fiction (smut and bodice rippers, not Christian Fiction) and from what I've seen so far (four pages) EVERYTHING gets five stars. Makes one think.

A disappearing review and a snotty comment!

This is interesting, see this book:


I had purchased this book not realizing it was Christian fiction and read it anyway, and subsequently reviewed it, "While I understand this is a Christian book, it seeped through virtually ever word of the book and much too preachy and overbearing for my tastes, and virtually no chemistry between Ruth and Josh. This was one of those books that I prayed for the end to come so I could toss it in the charity pile instead of on my bookshelf to be read again and again. It's interesting noting from the other reviews on this site, and looking at the one on Amazon UK, the only 5 stars are from professional reviewers. Makes one think."

No big deal, but it even ended up a couple of days ago as one of the most featured (or whatever they call those spotlights now) review. Now it's not only gone, but I have this snotty comment from one of the other reviewers: "It may have been an honest review for her, but I'm one of the professional reviewers and I thought the book was great. I KNEW it was an inspirational and I found the dialogs to be terrific and did not find it to be awfully "preachy" at all -- for me it was a breath of fresh air and I loved it! Everyone has an opinion but to rank on a book because it is not a genre that you care for is not fair to any author. Very childish!Marilyn Rondeau, RIO Reviewers International Org. " and my "spotlight has been replaced with a Klausner review. Horrors! I wonder who had my review removed anyway?

Gunny is already living in tomorrow

John Matlock has just posted (again) a review timestamped tomorrow. Any ideas as to how this is possible and why he does it?

W.Boudville read six (6) books today:

- The Nanotech Pioneers, 257 page
- SOA Using Java(TM) Web Services, 608 pages
- SPSS 13.0 Advanced Statistical Procedures Companion, 368 pages
- Pearl Harbor: A Novel of December 8th, 384 pages
- Java/J2EE Job Interview Companion, 360 pp
- Macromedia Flash Professional 8 Game Development, 528 pp
Total: 2337 pages.

All except one, four stars; one three stars.

Yesterday W.Boudville read two books.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Must be the holiday weekend

My goodness. Grady Harp posted a new review sometime before 12 PM Pacific time, and as of 5 PM no votes (A RECORD!). No comments on the HK reviews in two hours. What gives? I could have soap 0pera withdrawals, how will I entertain myself?

Amazon and Harriet in on it together?

I was looking over the Harriet reviews and the soap opera of comments said today (I must admit has become my daily addiction to read them) and noticed something very interesting. One person popped up and gave a comment which wasn't bad in anyway, the next day she mentioned, (which was today) that all her reviews were given negative votes since she chimed in on the discussion. This was the first time in months she has commented on Harriet. This makes me think that Harriet is the invention of Amazon to get noticed so more people will come to the website and maybe their stock will go up in price because of it?
This whole negative voting thing has to be something Amazon's doing. I can not believe some loser is sitting there all day long looking for the commentors and voting negatively for every review.
Maybe I am looking way too much into this. Maybe aliens from outerspace are in on this by now!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Daily events

W Boudville:
Today W Boudville read three (3) books:
  • Advanced Dynamic-system Simulation: Model-replication Techniques and Monte Carlo Simulation [221 pages]
  • AZARIA [no page count given]
  • Object-Oriented Analysis and Design with Applications [704 pages]
Total: 925 known + whatever Azaria's page count is; gotta be over 1000.
Rated: two four stars, one five stars.

John Matlock "Gunny" (who is definitely back at it):
Today JMG read five (5) books (as of right now; the day's not over)
  • From the Heart: A Woman's Guide to Living Well [263 pages]
  • With Speed and Violence: Why Scientists Fear Tipping Points in Climate Change [278 pages]
  • CF-104 Starfighter in Canadian Service [112 pages]
  • Imperial German Army 1914-18 [416 pages]
  • Advantage Database Server: A Developer's Guide [616 pages]
Total: 1685 pages.
All rated five stars (no surprises here).

Robert Morris:
Today Robert Morris read (and highlighted) one (1) book today: Strategy Express [130 pages]; rated five stars (no surprises as well).

"Deleted by Amazon 1 hour ago"

In a few of the Grady Harp comments sections my posts were "Deleted by Amazon 1 hour ago" (for example here). Anyone remember what was there? I think they contained tables of timestamps -- but first, they (Amz) didn't seem to remove this kind before, and second, there are other GH reviews where my timestamp-tables remain untouched. ???

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Amazon Review Blotter, May 23 2007

W.Boudville update:
On May 23 WB reviewed two (2) three (3) books:
  • CMMI(R) for Outsourcing: Guidelines for Software, Systems, and IT Acquisition (464 pages)
  • Space Vehicle Design (660 pages)
  • Multimedia over IP and Wireless Networks (712 pages)
[1372 1836 pages altogether]

On May 22 WB reviewed two (2) books:
  • Heavy-Tail Phenomena: Probabilistic and Statistical Modeling (406 pages)
  • JBoss(R) Seam: Simplicity and Power Beyond Java(TM) EE (432 pages)
[838 pages altogether]

On May 20 and 21 W.Boudville rested.

On May 19 WB reviewed a 384-page book.
On May 17 WB reviewed a 351-page book.

Robert Morris update:
On May 23 Robert Morris reviewed four (4) books:
  • The Ultimate Business Library: The Greatest Books That Made Management (346 pages)
  • Whoever Tells the Best Story Wins: How to Use Your Own Stories to Communicate With Power and ImpactMultimedia over IP and Wireless Networks (226 pages)
  • Hidden in Plain Sight: How to Find and Execute Your Company's Next Big Growth Strategy ( 272 pages)
  • The Pyramid Principle ( 177 pages)
[1021 pages altogether]

On May 22 Robert Morris reviewed three (3) books:
  • A New Strategy for Continuous Improvement: 10 Steps to Lower Costs and Operational Excellence (180 pages)
  • The Elegant Solution: Toyota's Formula for Mastering Innovation (256 pages)
  • Competing on Analytics: The New Science of Winning (240 pages)
[676 pages altogether]

On May 21 Robert Morris reviewed two (2) books:
  • Harvard Business Review on Becoming a High-Performance Manager (192 pages)
  • The Giants of Sales: What Dale Carnegie, John Patterson, Elmer Wheeler, And Joe Girard Can Teach You About Real Sales Success ( 228 pages)
[420 pages altogether]

All books are five stars, except one four, and one three (!) stars.

John Matlock "Gunny" update:
Quiescent since May 16, 2007.
Today, on May 23, 2007, John Matlock "Gunny" reviewed two (2) three (3) books:
  • Unlikely Liberators: The Men of the 100th and 442nd.
  • The de Vaucouleurs Atlas of Galaxies
  • Advantage Database Server: A Developer's Guide (dated tomorrow, as he does sometimes)
[Situation changes as we watch! Who knows how many books he will have reviewed by the end of today... Stand by.]

Monday, May 21, 2007

Arthur W. Schade reviews his own book

Reviews Written by Arthur W. Schade
GOD Must Be PISSED!: 'Cause I'm Confused as Hell by A. W. Schade.

"[...]an extremely fascinating read... [...]Extremely well written, Schade's prose is priceless ..." etc.


Sunday, May 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Harriet !

I was wrong about Harriet Klausner reaching her 14,000 review milestone on this auspicious date. According to the information that she gave to her interviewers HK would be fifty six years old today. My birthday wish for Harriet is that this year she will begin a healthier lifestyle. Perhaps getting out of the house more frequently, taking a walk, planting a garden, doing something more pleasurable than compulsively reviewing books she clearly has not read.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

My comment about HK's exception to the "if you don't have anything nice to say, say nothing" rule

Earlier this evening I wrote this comment on one of HK's reviews. I'm really curious about why Harriet Klausner said these things about these two authors. I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts:

After reading the Wall Street Journal article about Harriet Klausner from March of 2005, I have one burning question: what on earth did authors Ralph McInerny and Cassie Edwards ever do to Harriet Klausner?

I mean, here is a woman who loves virtually everything she reads. Out of her nearly 14,000 reviews by far the majority enjoy the highest rating; there are only a handful that have received the dreaded three star review. Coming from HK with her thousands of five star reviews getting three stars from her is a real kick in the teeth.

But then she mentions these two authors in the Wall Street Journal which has a print circulation of more than two and a half million readers, saying about Ralph McInerny, " I can't stand his books." What could possibly be so bad about the Father Dowling mystery books that Ralph McInerny writes to make this woman publicly humiliate this author?

She also had unkind words for Cassie Edwards, author of the Dreamcatcher Indian series. Harriet Klausner says of Cassie Edward's novels: " It's the same story over and over." This from a woman who can read a dozen Nascar romances back to back and be enchanted by them all. She also goes on to say in that interview "There is never enough to read." However she makes it clear she will never be in desperate enough straits to read anything by these two authors.

Cassie Edwards is published by Dorchester publishing, Ralph McInerny by Ace publishing. I'm fairly certain that I've seen Harriet Klausner reviewing other authors from Ace publishing house but I can't say I've seen the name Dorchester publishing on any of her books, although it could well be there. I wonder, did the publishers not send her ARCs from these two authors and is that the source of her disapproval, or did the authors themselves decline to have her review them?

Harriet Klausner has said that she doesn't write bad reviews because coming from her "it could be the kiss of death for an author". So how about saying their books suck in a national newspaper with millions of readers?
May 16 2007

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Negative nightmare

All of us have probably noticed that any reviews we do, or have done, are getting negative votes. I believe that people who are not even involved with the Amazon/HK debacle have either read, heard, or been directed to our blog site, and to HK's reviews for the sole purpose of directly causing harm to us.I am seeing new names, and more vitriol than ever before. My 2 insignificant reviews have more negative votes than positive. I decided weeks ago not to even write any more reviews because of their negative behaviors toward us. I spent hours on some one's reviews, reading, and honestly voting on them because I could not stand for what was happening to her/him. How can this be addressed? How do we ignore the wrong that HK is doing to everyone? If we call peace, then the wrongness of HK is perpetuated until HK either dies, or has a nervous breakdown. If we continue, we will all suffer consequences for our efforts. I know that, personally, the comradely helps me cope with the spiteful meanness that HK's supporters dish out. I have some thoughts that I will discuss in private on handling "The Bad Guys". If they are able to see everything that we post, then "they" do not need to know our ways of getting around them. Besides doing private emailing, does anyone have any ideas? We are a smart group, I have faith that we can continue the "good fight", and not have to be martyrs.

Is it just me, or are the comments getting nastier?

Just wondering, I have been looking at the postings today on the new HK reviews (and the older ones), and there is a decidedly nasty tone on many of them. Not you Sus, but FTF especially. I saw one that knocked the book too. Thoughts?

The Dragon is Awake

She's spewed forth this morning. Sometime before 6:30 AM PDT. Three pages worth of new drivel.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

New Gunny Review.

Here is another "review" by this half-wit. Am I nuts or there's nothing about the book in it?

Your best guess? (morphing into a tagesblatt)

W.Boudville hasn't posted anything since May 10. What's coming? 5? 25? Please make your best guess and we shall see if we've acquired a predictive capacity by now.

(Gunny came alive too, btw, but he's only inching forward, one book a day, very careful.)

W.Boudville followup: Today (May 15) W.Boudville broke his silence and posted fifteen (15) reviews. That would mean he read fifteen books between May 10 and May 15, which is four days, so he was reading at the rate of 3.75 books a day.
Robert Morris did four (4) books today. Read and highlighted :-) ...
Grady Harp got 27 votes in four hours; that is extreme even by his usual standards. We should now start tracking his votes not only during the initial few days, but afterwards too -- just to confirm that most votes he ever gets happen within a couple of days from postings.
MM now speaks normal English, have you noticed? I told you so!

Monday, May 14, 2007

A Real-Life Reviewer - Don't Shoot!!

Thanks for the invite. Yes, I'm a real-life reviewer. No, I don't get paid. Yes, I get free books. No, I don't promise sunshiny reviews for everything and no publisher has ever said a word to me about a not-great review. They're professionals; they know it's going to happen. No one can like every single book they read. Except, apparently, for Harriet. When I don't like a book, I don't rip it apart. I try to criticize constructively. (Thanks, Mom.) The very things that I hate about a book might be the same things that other readers love.

And I hate spoilers with the firey passion of a thousand suns. I put potential spoiler warnings at the top of any book that is part of a series. Harriet (or her minion) has a very nasty habit of including spoiler-type information in the review with no warning.

Since I read/review what I'm sent, I mainly review genre fiction. (No erotica, though!) Mysteries, fantasy, scifi, young adult, paranormal, yes, even some romance. Am I banned yet??

What else can I tell you? I don't highlight, but I do take notes on character names, locations, and pertinent facts to avoid having to go searching for a suddenly-important detail while writing a review. I have zero control over when/if any part of my reviews are used for blurbing purposes. I only find out about it when I get the book with the blurb printed in/on it. I've had my own blog for almost a year and just got my first print-blurb. Before that, I reviewed for a site. My blurbs for that site were all over the place on mysteries. Seeing them, you might think I had some arrangement with mystery authors/publishers. Not so. They use quotes or not, as they please.

For the past couple of weeks, I've been amusing myself by playing a juvenile little game. Once I finish a book and the review, I pop over to Amazon to see if Harriet has "reviewed" the same book. If she has, I quite enjoy reading her review, then leaving a comment, correcting the mistakes she's made regarding plot points. So far, I haven't found one that's free of errors. At least "she" is consistent.

Deb Hern (D.Hern on Amazon)

Another funny thing about Grady Harp's reviews

That Grady's reviews tend immediately to accumulate a mind-boggling number of 'helpful' votes is one thing. But have you noticed that after this initial buildup, the vote count tends to stay static? That is the voting rate on his reviews has two patterns: intial two-three days, when it's huge; and the later one, when it pretty much dwindles to nothing.

It seems that the items Grady reviews are somehow more (much, much more) visited by potential buyers/review-voters in the first two-three days after the posting of a Grady review than at any time afterwards. How could we explain such an uneven interest from the consumer society?

How tight are Harriet and B&N?

Interesting, I stopped in at my local Barnes and Noble and I have to wonder how closely aligned they really are. On the few occasions where I've taken a book HK has review on Amazon and looked it up on B&N, I've found the same review there, but posted much earlier (and before publication date) on the B&N site. Now, when I stopped into B&N last weekend, I swear at least 50% of the books on display (especially those on the end of the fiction shelves) were all books I've seen recently reviewed by HK. Makes one wonder.

Ode to the Troll

This is cute, go to this blog and scroll down to read a lovely poem to the troll:


Sunday, May 13, 2007

No. 13 Top Reviewer Robert Morris

From a comment by No. 13 Top Reviewer Robert Morris:
"I read and highlight at least one book a day (often more) and, yes, I only review books which I admire."

Not only Robert Morris reads his books, but highlights them also! So here's another guy who wants you to believe he reads at least a book a day, and actually more than that, because he only reviews the books he admires -- not just loves, or likes, but admires. Well, unless he somehow manages to buy only the books he admires, he's gotta be reading MORE than one book a day!

Also, wouldn't buying a book (or more) every a day be prohibitively expensive?

I think it would only be fair to add Rober Morris to the list of Our Friends Top Reviewers, right after Harriet Klausner, Grady Harp, John Matlock "Gunny", and W.Boudville.

Public pieties

From NYT: The Greatest Mystery: Making a Best Seller:

"“Before Amazon, we didn’t even know what people thought of the books,” [Susan Rabiner, an agent and a former editorial director] said."

They really want to know, huh? Well, now they know what Harriet Klausner & Co. thinks — or, rather, what they pretend to think — or, rather, what they are probably paid to pretend to think (which is that all new books are great, five stars). Kinda disingenuous, don't you think? I mean, if you want to know what your customers think, unleashing hordes of shills into the marketplace wouldn't be the first thing to do, right?

Do you find out what people think by purposely flooding comminications channels with noise of your own manufacture?

Dayton Book Nook: How do you decide to buy a book?

New post by Vick Mickunas:

"“We need much more of a direct relationship with our readers,” said Susan Rabiner, an agent and a former editorial director. [...] “Before Amazon, we didn’t even know what people thought of the books,”

"Ah, those Amazon customer reviewers. As we have seen in some previous entries on this blog, the Amazon customer reviewer system has problems. Reviews are being posted there in large numbers by reviewers who cannot possibly be reading the books that they claim to be reviewing. [...] "

More at How do you decide to buy a book?

Thursday, May 10, 2007

New Harriet Sightings

I decided to use a trick I learned from a seminar I attended by a man who wrote the book A Credit Manager's Guide to the Internet (oh, that was so informative!). Too hard to explain it all but involves the use of quotation marks to tell the search engine EXACTLY what you are looking for -- in this case I googled "Harriet Klausner" Pennsylvania. A couple of interesting ones: http://www.fmam.biz/reviews/klausner/index.shtml.

Is there more in her bio here than I've seen in other places? Now she's a "hyper speed reader"? And yes, her list of reviews are missing a few aren't they?


Oh, I am so tempted to write on this blog and inform this lovely author of Christian stories who is SO PROUD that Amazon's #1 reviewer deigned to give her a positive review that the same reviewer also reviews erotica (smut) in great offensive detail.

The rest of the hits, for the record: http://search.earthlink.net/search?area=earthlink-ws&q="harriet%20klausner"%20pennsylvania&channel=totalaccess


How it all began for me...

I was up late one night browsing on Amazon when I read a review posted by the #1 reviewer, the one and only Harriet Klausner. I imagine that you can guess what I did...I bought the book!!! The book was given four or five stars (of course), and I assumed that it would be fabulous. WRONG! Oh, how wrong! I was deceived! Lied to! Etc, etc.

So, to make my long, sad story short, the book was readable, but not the "romp" with "zany" characters I was expecting. Zany...neat word. I then went to the comment section to see what everyone else thought about Harriet and was happy to see others who were annoyed by her.

I have to admit that I had so much fun reading the comments that I barely even read the reviews and kept going farther and farther back just for a good laugh. You guys are hilarious!! Keep up the good work.

Just a quick question... Since I've seen Harriet come out with 20+ reviews in a day, how long does it take you to read through them all and write comments? How do you do it without being medicated? Haha.

More negative votes

I don't what I could have said in comments yesterday that would have PO'd someone enough to hit SEVEN PAGES of my reviews with negative votes. Note -- for about a week I've been using my work Amazon account (same screen name, different email) so anyone looking at my profile from recent comments wouldn't see those reviews, only someone who goes back to older comments and pull up that profile. I post a new review and within hours it's got a negative. Kind of like stalking, isn't it?

I'm betting on the infamous and illiterate MM.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Mission Statement

The Harriet Klausner Appreciation Society is a group of Amazon readers who believe in truth in reviewing. We are dedicated to exposing the untenable fraud being perpetrated on the public by this reviewer's false and misleading reviews, with a hope to one day exonerate ourselves and topple this fraudulent reviewer from her regal throne and thus save the book readers of the world from future torment at the sake of her poorly written, gramatically incorrect reviews.

Monday, May 7, 2007

About Us...

You know what would be neat? To write a summary of what this blog is about, an "About" page sort of thing. I propose everyone who is so inclined write a 'first draft' and email it to everyone else for comments, additions, constructive criticism, etc. Then we can post it (or several messages: it doesn't have to be the only one), so that an accidental visitor could figure out what we're babbling about here. Actually such a thing can be posted immediately, since we can edit messages. Only comments are unchangeable here.


Friends, I think we should invite more people, like KrossD, and some others from the board. I only sent invitations to people whose emails I had. How could we get to the rest? I'll need their emails...

PS. I'll be travelling out of town soon and won't always be able to quickly respond to whatever necessities may come up here. I think we need to appoint another admin (or several?). Volunteers? No regular tasks involved, mostly moderation/inviting new people (and kicking out old ones ;-)

Sunday, May 6, 2007

The HK Review Contest

I think I've got it now, hope the post works. Back to the reason for the blog is see who can write the best HK style review. $25 Amazon gift certificate to the best one.
  • We need to choose a judge. Barbara had some good suggestions, or I can do it as I don't think I could do it justice.
  • Book choices suggested: Bleak House, Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, Gone With the Wind, The Count of Monte Cristo (unabridged of course), Mark Twain, A Tale of Two Cities, 1984, The Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, the Bible, War and Peace, Dracula, Infinite Jest, The Tell-tale Heart, Treasure Island, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Dune, The Hobbit, The Turning of the Screw, and Of Mice and Men, The Odessey, Gravity's Rainbow, The Catcher in the Rye, Cat's Cradle, Ulysses, Mein Kampf (No, it's not a classic, but any Klausner buzz word would be gut-bustingly funny there), To Kill a Mockingbird, War & Peace, House of Leaves, Breakfast At Tiffany's, Gilgamesh, Fight Club.
  • Each writer must say HOW LONG it took to write the review, as we don't want anyone churning 60 reviews in a day do we?
  • Each review must contain at least one typo or misidentified character/plotline.
  • Must have the standard three paragraph format, with a take off of the book title in the last sentence.

Lastly, how are we going to let the other commenters on HK's reviews to switch over to the blog sight?


By the way, another top ten reviewer has posted a couple of comments on HK reviews this morning. That would be the one eyed rabbit.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Harrieticus apologeticus: tips for identification, tagging, and subsequent re-release

Krysztofiak, M. "Harriet apologeticus demonstrates markedly inefficient survival mechanisms when transported to hostile environments possessing relatively more selection pressures than native habitat: Is this species-wide apoptosis? The Journal of Abnormal Psychology and Maladaptive Social-Group Matrices. 2007: No. 44, pp. 1431-1439.

Harrieticus apologeticus is an omnivorous, indigenous animal ubiquitous to the digital plains of the Internet. This fascinating animal has again been noticed by scientific circles, following an extended quiescent period, when several researchers discovered that this ordinarily quite docile and relatively unimportant little creature had, world-wide, begun to display signs of anxiety and tremulousness, without apparent identifiable stimuli. Observations from across the globe--concerning multiple individuals of the species--showed heightened agitation, bizarre reactions to apparently normal stimuli, and actions inconsistent with increased biological fitness in present environments (i.e., animals were shown to engage in actions with profoundly negative consequences to the preservation of their health, and the health of their kin-group relative animals).

Reproduction is accomplished via two methods: direct cerebral parasitism and asexual budding. Sporadic reports of sexual reproduction of H. apologeticus permeate the scientific literature, but remain unproven for lack of sufficient empiric testing. Specimens have been brought into controlled environments and provided with a wide selection of "clip art," which has been surmised to stimulate sexual excitement in members of the species. Despite repeated experiments, ample "clip art" message exchanges, and obvious individual H. apologeticus sexual arousal, all animals remained physically aloof in regards to copulation with another member of the same species.

All individuals brought for vivisection have revealed hermaphroditic genital structures, suggesting that individuals, should sexual reproduction be possible, most likely copulate with themselves as the third mode of gene transmission.


other Harriet Klausner sightings

After reading the interviews Harriet had given to Time magazine and others I became curious about her employment as a magazine writer. The following is an inquiry I sent to Porthole Cruise magazine and their response:

Sat 03/17/2007

Dear Sir,

Could you tell me if Harriet Klausner is a staff writer at Porthole Cruise magazine? If not, has she at any time in the past been on the writing staff?

Thank you,
Barbara Delaney

Mon 03/19/2007

Harriet Klausner is not a staff writer for Porthole Cruise Magazine. A few years ago, she wrote on a freelance basis a column that appeared regularly in the magazine. May I ask who you are and why you are inquiring?

Jeffrey Laign
Editorial Director
The PPI Group/Porthole Cruise Magazine

And here is another Harriet appearance that I found while searching the Net. Notice that a woman from the Bronx misspells the name of the famous Groucho Marx:


Who is harriet klausner
First I am real and from The Bronx- since I am answering questions on a forum which I vowed to never do anymore after having been accused of everything short of 9-11- you guys owe me- why The in the Bronx?
Second since I am only 5' I do not believe anyone would declare me an amazon except on the net. As for being an artifact, not quite as I am a boomer and not yet ancient history

Third my husband agrees with Arrrqh that I am too soft on my scores- he is a statistician and claims my scoring is skewed to 4 and 5; though he also says my stop reading of books I hate by about 25 pages (and not bother to rate) causes some of the distortion- making my average invalid.

Fourth he says I average six books a day- easy to do when you suffer insomnia. I don't skim or use steroids- I have been tested for my speed and show strong retention (my only talent) - my reading scores in school for instance were in the higher percentile while I always finished first way ahead of anyone. As for pay, what pay? My best year in terms of income my husband figured out my hourly rate was in double figures with the decimal coming first.

Fifth my husband was quite good at palm reading, a technique he learned to pick up girls while attending Hunter College an almost all girls’ school back when he went. As for saying you will marry me – he claimed that with a fortune cookie.

Thanks to Shard02 for her kind request

Paraphrasing Groucho Marks: Them that can’t, write a book; them that can’t write a book, critique a book.

(the "young" Harriet)

How did it all begin for you?

Here is a discussion starter:

When did you first become aware of Harriet Klausner's reviews, and what made you decide to comment on them?

Rarely does my reading taste overlap with Harriet Klausner, but occasionally she will review a book that I've read, for example Travels In the Scriptorium by Paul Auster and House of Meetings by Martin Amis. I had noticed her reviews around Amazon for the past couple of years but it was in February of 2007 that they really began to annoy me. I noticed a couple of comments on one of her reviews; John Sollami was commenting, Brandie Bahn, Moira and a few others. I left a comment saying how relieved I was to see that I was not alone in my intense dislike of HK's reviews. The rest, as they say, is history...

Friday, May 4, 2007

Welcome to the Harriet Klausner Appreciation Society !


Whoever wants to join this blog from amongst those not invited yet please give your working email address to scotdog, or barbara, or me (moderator098@yahoo.com). This can be any email address -- and you may want to create a throw-away one (we don't yet know whether this blog generates spam; it won't hurt to be careful).

Also, when doing this, please let us know who you are (unless it is clear from the address itself). I mean the nickname we know you by from Amazon comments. This nickname will NOT be shoved down your throat when you register: after you get an invitation email, you will set up your login data any way you want: it will all be up to you; the only thing the moderator does is send you an invitation.

If you're totally new to this, you're welcome to apply just as well. The rules here are pretty much anything goes with the exception of deliberate nonsense and spam.

Note: Please log in to post and comment.