Thursday, May 10, 2007

How it all began for me...

I was up late one night browsing on Amazon when I read a review posted by the #1 reviewer, the one and only Harriet Klausner. I imagine that you can guess what I did...I bought the book!!! The book was given four or five stars (of course), and I assumed that it would be fabulous. WRONG! Oh, how wrong! I was deceived! Lied to! Etc, etc.

So, to make my long, sad story short, the book was readable, but not the "romp" with "zany" characters I was expecting. Zany...neat word. I then went to the comment section to see what everyone else thought about Harriet and was happy to see others who were annoyed by her.

I have to admit that I had so much fun reading the comments that I barely even read the reviews and kept going farther and farther back just for a good laugh. You guys are hilarious!! Keep up the good work.

Just a quick question... Since I've seen Harriet come out with 20+ reviews in a day, how long does it take you to read through them all and write comments? How do you do it without being medicated? Haha.


moderator said...

Hey, appifany, welcome to the blog :-)

Now, "How do you do it without being medicated? Haha."

Indeed. I guess, mutual encouragement helps, and of course, when several people visit there when they can, at the end of the day you end up with a nice amount of reading matter :-) ...

But all jokes aside, you're totally right -- one person could never manage. Even as is it takes so much time, I'm amazed myself. Barbara usually does a lot there (and where is she, btw? Nothing from her for a day or two... Probably taking a vacation -- a well-deserved one, I might add somewhat redundantly).

Stephanie said...

Hi appifany,

I love reading Harriet's reviews. I have taken my share of pain relievers. :o)

Mostly, I love reading and conversing with everyone else who feels the same way about HK as I do. HK "reviews" a ton of books (cozy mysteries - none of that vampire crap for me!) that I read and while shopping for new ones I kept running into reviews by HK. I would read her "reviews" and wonder what she thought about them. All she did was rewrite the back cover. Anyway, I finally realized that she wasn't 'helping' anyone and I started watching her reviews. This was about 4-5 months ago. And then I realized I wasn't alone in my thinking when I saw others commenting on her "reviews".

Barbara Delaney said...

Hi moderator,

I took a break because I seemed to be constantly fending off attacks. There was the individual who corrected my already correct use of a common contraction. Then there was the wit who claimed that I was HK, "ooh shivers". There was Marc Ruby back for a second shot, and half a dozen others.

I grew weary of trying to point out the improbability of HK's reviews with hopefully some humor and attempts to be inclusive. I had noticed that after John's departure from the fray there seemed to be a lack of an icebreaker, so to speak, on HK's reviews. My intent with my many comments was to get the ball rolling and to give other people a way to engage, it's not easy to come up with different comments for HK's incredibly monotnous output. But instead I just seemed to draw fire from the trolls and frankly it didn't seem that my role was seen as helpful so I decided to cease commenting on HK's reviews. I still watch them and am eagerly awaiting her milestone review, I'm still very interested to see who will be the "psychic intuitive" of the group, who was able to foresee the date.

moderator said...

Hi, Barbara, glad to see you here, I was wondering where you've gone. Dealing with shilling constituency is taxing, no question.

Btw, where do all these battles take place? Is it on amazon on via email?

Susiq2 said...

Barbara, You and a few others are the reason I am even here. You have done nothing but display integrity, truth,and a sense of humor that never fails to amaze me.You, dear lady, are all about what is "GOOD" at Amazon, and the other review sites where you post. I sincerely hope that the creeps who are abusing you will get a life!I truly consider you a friend.........Susiq2