Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Negative nightmare

All of us have probably noticed that any reviews we do, or have done, are getting negative votes. I believe that people who are not even involved with the Amazon/HK debacle have either read, heard, or been directed to our blog site, and to HK's reviews for the sole purpose of directly causing harm to us.I am seeing new names, and more vitriol than ever before. My 2 insignificant reviews have more negative votes than positive. I decided weeks ago not to even write any more reviews because of their negative behaviors toward us. I spent hours on some one's reviews, reading, and honestly voting on them because I could not stand for what was happening to her/him. How can this be addressed? How do we ignore the wrong that HK is doing to everyone? If we call peace, then the wrongness of HK is perpetuated until HK either dies, or has a nervous breakdown. If we continue, we will all suffer consequences for our efforts. I know that, personally, the comradely helps me cope with the spiteful meanness that HK's supporters dish out. I have some thoughts that I will discuss in private on handling "The Bad Guys". If they are able to see everything that we post, then "they" do not need to know our ways of getting around them. Besides doing private emailing, does anyone have any ideas? We are a smart group, I have faith that we can continue the "good fight", and not have to be martyrs.


Misfit said...

Here's some interesting thoughts from the DB's, but you have to sort through the BS to get to the point. It was nice to see that the teen reviewer noticed the comments about Harriet and SMUT and separated her/his reviews, but got slammed with negs anyway.

However, it appears that they can be removed. I know a couple of months ago I got hit with negs and then they magically disappeared.

We'll see.

Misfit said...

Oops, forget the link :-)

Deborah Hern said...

I haven't posted a review on Amazon in quite a long time. And I haven't thought to see if I'm getting "slammed" with negatives. Because I. don't. care.

Yes, I realize that many others do care, and I'm not insensitive to that. Maybe by calling attention to this sort of 'revenge voting' on reviews, we can get someone at Amazon to do something? Or maybe they'll just be thrilled at all the new ways they can get attention.

MK said...

Susiq2 et al,

Turn the situation around and view it from another angle: these tiny people voting "no, no, *sniff", no" on review after review believe they are showing solidarity for their team, if you will. Their pathetically small fists clenched in fury, their speech capability reduced to monosyllabic ramblings, and their drool-control mechanisms failing, these sockpuppets knee-jerk their anger by the only means available: negative votes. It is pointless and sad, really, evidence of their mindless devotion to a cause absolutely transparent. People like this make Gonzales seem quite the crusader of truth and justice, by comparison.

Personally, I love to receive these senseless negative votes, as it just validates my opinion of the type of people we are dealing with here. In fact, I think I'll write several more reviews this weekend, and then press a few trolls' buttons, just to observe the predictable result. Some people obtain meaning by truly forehead-slapping routes.

I think it is safe to say that anyone who defends HK, Harp, Boudville, or Harris is several cards short of even a full suit, nevermind a full deck.