Saturday, May 5, 2007

other Harriet Klausner sightings

After reading the interviews Harriet had given to Time magazine and others I became curious about her employment as a magazine writer. The following is an inquiry I sent to Porthole Cruise magazine and their response:

Sat 03/17/2007

Dear Sir,

Could you tell me if Harriet Klausner is a staff writer at Porthole Cruise magazine? If not, has she at any time in the past been on the writing staff?

Thank you,
Barbara Delaney

Mon 03/19/2007

Harriet Klausner is not a staff writer for Porthole Cruise Magazine. A few years ago, she wrote on a freelance basis a column that appeared regularly in the magazine. May I ask who you are and why you are inquiring?

Jeffrey Laign
Editorial Director
The PPI Group/Porthole Cruise Magazine

And here is another Harriet appearance that I found while searching the Net. Notice that a woman from the Bronx misspells the name of the famous Groucho Marx:


Who is harriet klausner
First I am real and from The Bronx- since I am answering questions on a forum which I vowed to never do anymore after having been accused of everything short of 9-11- you guys owe me- why The in the Bronx?
Second since I am only 5' I do not believe anyone would declare me an amazon except on the net. As for being an artifact, not quite as I am a boomer and not yet ancient history

Third my husband agrees with Arrrqh that I am too soft on my scores- he is a statistician and claims my scoring is skewed to 4 and 5; though he also says my stop reading of books I hate by about 25 pages (and not bother to rate) causes some of the distortion- making my average invalid.

Fourth he says I average six books a day- easy to do when you suffer insomnia. I don't skim or use steroids- I have been tested for my speed and show strong retention (my only talent) - my reading scores in school for instance were in the higher percentile while I always finished first way ahead of anyone. As for pay, what pay? My best year in terms of income my husband figured out my hourly rate was in double figures with the decimal coming first.

Fifth my husband was quite good at palm reading, a technique he learned to pick up girls while attending Hunter College an almost all girls’ school back when he went. As for saying you will marry me – he claimed that with a fortune cookie.

Thanks to Shard02 for her kind request

Paraphrasing Groucho Marks: Them that can’t, write a book; them that can’t write a book, critique a book.

(the "young" Harriet)


moderator said...

"Fourth he says I average six books a day- easy to do when you suffer insomnia."

:-) Yeah, sure.

Anonymous said...

Very curious... Where is this from? A link to the source would be helpful.

M Krysztofiak said...

Pretty much a direct quote from the "Time" "puff piece," accessible to your immediate right, first click under "Puff Pieces." She describes her speed-reading ability, her insomnia, her preference to only review books "she likes," and her disbelief that normal humans read so slow.

Great ability usually comes packaged in great intellect. As such, it is a great wonder how Harriet commits some many errors of punctuation and grammar, being a great genius and all.


Barbara Delaney said...

Actually this is from a discussion board at bookcrossing. I didn't think to capture the link, I found it a few months ago while using "the google" as Bush calls it. She was under discussion but it was by fans, not detractors and so she came down from the pedestal and spoke to the adoring few, sang a few bars of "Don't Cry for Me Argentina" and then ascended back into heaven to sit at the right hand.....wait, I'm getting my myths all in a twist.