Thursday, May 10, 2007

More negative votes

I don't what I could have said in comments yesterday that would have PO'd someone enough to hit SEVEN PAGES of my reviews with negative votes. Note -- for about a week I've been using my work Amazon account (same screen name, different email) so anyone looking at my profile from recent comments wouldn't see those reviews, only someone who goes back to older comments and pull up that profile. I post a new review and within hours it's got a negative. Kind of like stalking, isn't it?

I'm betting on the infamous and illiterate MM.


Susiq2 said...

Misfit: I believe that HKs lackeys/hangers-on are trying to hurt those who are taking a courageous stand against "Their Holy Writer of Perfect Reviews". I am so sorry that they are going against people who actually "Read" the books that they are reviewing, and put time and effort into their review. I will be happy to read, and comment on your reviews.Can you email me a list, or something? ........Susiq2

Misfit said...

Susiq2, thanks for the offer, but that isn't the way the game is supposed to be played. If I wanted to do that, I could use my other Amazon "alter ego" and do it myself, but I haven't and won't. Besides, it really hasn't hurt my rankings a bit, it's just irritating.

To be honest, I review more for my own pleasure, and for the book recommendations Amazon throws at me after reviewing a book. I have found many a book I never would have come across otherwise. I actually started posting on Amazon UK and well and I have gotten some awesome reads through that as well, as historical fiction and 19th century english lit are my favorite genres at the moment.

I see you in the historical fiction comments sometimes. Have you tried Elizabeth Chadwick (the one from the UK, not the american writer of trash)? She's very very good. See Shadows and Strongholds, Lords of the White Castle, and The Falcons of Montabard to name a few. Just like traveling to another century.

PS, within 2-3 hours of posting this comment I got two more neg's.

moderator said...

Misfit, that is to be expected. But why worry? First, negatives -- as far as I can see -- have no effect on your reviewing activities; and second, even if they did, so what? My guess is, only positives really matter, and when I say matter I mean in terms of advancing in this Top Reviewers hierarchy. Finally, if you just can't stand it, create another name there and review under it. But negging someone is the way these dolts retaliate, so if you get on their nerves, you can be sure you'll get negged.

Misfit said...

Thanks for the input, both of you. It was just too funny, because whoever the idiot was they negged a review on a book that is so unavailable you can't even click on the link in the review anymore to get info on the book (if that makes sense).

Dumber than a bucket of rocks, eh?

KG said...

I think the whole negative thing is so sad. I have never given anyone a negative vote. It is so petty and childish. What does it prove?

Anonymous said...

KG, you don't seem to be posting as a 'team member'. Did you use the 'invitation' process to register here? Again, you can pick any name you want, 'KG' included; email address can be anything as well.


KG said...

Now I have fixed things :)

moderator said...

Yep, I can see you now, KG! Great! :-)

About negatives: well, I can give someone a neg -- if a review of his I'm looking at is lousy in some unforgivable, in my view, ways. But I'd never neg anyone 'politically', if you know what I mean. Yet it's possible, so people do it. Again, just like it is with posting any number of reviews daily, this is how Amazon set up the system... make your own conclusions.

Misfit said...

Thanks again everyone, they've now hit page #8, not too many more to go :)

I rarely give a negative vote unless it's poorly written. I recall some young miss who wrote a review of Jane Eyre and made a comment that the book was good for nothing but toilet paper. That one deserved a neg.

Susiq2 said...

Okay Guys, I am looking you all up, and I AM going to read your reviews, and justly judge them. I have stopped reviewing because of what is happening to you. Reviews should be judged on how the essence of the story is revealed, with the reviewer whetting our curosity and helping us to choose books that we will enjoy. Why do spitful things to you? Instead of dogging you, people should be looking to their own concerns. Instead of giving negative votes, I just don't vote in most instances.You should not be treated this way. I sincerely believe that you read the books that you review, and I suspect that you put a lot of effort into your reviews. I also love Historical fiction, have loved and read it since I was a child.Now I read all genres except smut. Yuck to smut......I want a story, an adventure, people that I care about, and want to see good things happen to them. I suspect that some of this may come from my nursing career. I saw enought tragedy to last several lifetimes. Now I like softer works of fiction...........Susiq2

M Krysztofiak said...


Greetings. We seem to have motivated the drooling hordes into throwing yet more diplomatesque flunkies into the mix. There is an individual complaining that we are so "unfair" to not allow "zinger"-makers, trolls, distraction-hags, or pseudoinsult-spewers into our midst.

These agents of attempted spin had better attend psy-war boot camp. They are quite adept at review and comment-voting, "reporting abuse," and basic urination techniques, evidently.

Watch out guys--I strongly suspect that my review of "Dune" was removed recently because of multiple "report abuse" mouse taps. No profanity, no major spoilers, nothing--evidently, JJJS is right in his/her theory of "report abuse" taps being sufficient for auto-removal by Amazon software. I know it happens this way because I'm also active in the religious book section of Amazon, and several strongly-worded, but not snide, or abusive, or profanity-laced, comments were "removed by Amazon."

Regarding negatives--if I have read the book in question and the review is s*** (whether or not I agree), 10% of the time I'll vote "no," and 90% I'll just do nothing. If the review is great, but I don't agree, I do nothing, or sometimes even vote "yes," even though I may really, really, REALLY want to vote "no." Many of my reviews (including items probably 10 in 1,000,000 people would consider needing) have been hit with multiple negatives since my "involvement" in the Harriet War of 2007. It gets to me a little, 90% because someone might avoid my review who genuinely is seeking information regarding a product, and 10% because it is such a petty, stupid little protestation. It's like thousands of disrepected, pathetic little Grima Wormtongues have descended from Orthanc to defend their despised and loved Saruman. Treacherously getting Amazon to "auto-delete" a perfectly legitimate and (dare I say) helpful review is simply despicable, though.

To those who engaged in these practices--why do it? You are taking away from your masturbation time, aren't you? Grab that donut or that cucumber and resume your usual activities, please. Your companion social outcast on the other side of that computer screen demands your complete attention.

Poster 1: "Here's a "zinger" right at you, honey! HEFU!"
Poster 2: "LOL, ROTFFMWAD, (rolling on the floor f****** myself with a donut) oh Oh OH!"

These people are what keeps "cybersex" alive and well on the Internet.


KG said...

I've been preety lucky with my reviews, I guess I am under the radar so to speak, but alas I am not even in the top 10,000... yet. LOL

Misfit said...

kg, you are lucky, I was hit again today and I don't think I posted anything. I haven't broken the top 10,000 yet either. It's WAY easier to move up at Amazon UK. I get better book recommendations off those reviews as well.

Susiq2, nice to "talk" to someone else who enjoys historical fiction. It's my favorite genre right now. Have you read Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series? The size of the books can be intimidating but well worth. Jamie Fraser is the best red headed scot in a kilt anywhere in fiction.

KG said...

I adore historical fiction and Outlander- be still my heart! I read all the books in the series and Jamie is one man who is too good to be true! I really like how the last few books have Claire and Jamie in their 50's and their romance is so sweet and hot even at their age.
Have you guys read The Bronze Horseman and the sequel? That is my favorite hands down number one book.

Susiq2 said...

I love those books. I have laughed, and cried so much while reading these books that one night my husband said to me that he could not sleep with all of the sniffling, nose blowing, and small sobs coming from my side of the bed.......Poor baby, he did have to go to work the next day, so I guess that I forgave him(sorta) ;>)

Susiq2 said...

Misfit, I read all of your reviews( 12 pages), and I think that they are wonderful. I left comments, and I voted on them positively because they are great.I am also now on the look out for about a couple dozen books! My hubby will love you for that(not)!

Misfit said...

Susiq2, thanks, that was nice. Too funny, some of your comments got unhelpful votes right away.