Friday, May 25, 2007

Must be the holiday weekend

My goodness. Grady Harp posted a new review sometime before 12 PM Pacific time, and as of 5 PM no votes (A RECORD!). No comments on the HK reviews in two hours. What gives? I could have soap 0pera withdrawals, how will I entertain myself?


Stephanie said...

It's Friday night! And I'm a loser! :O)

I feel the same way. I had to work late and I have to work early tomorrow morning. I keep checking back to see if any new comments have been added. Nothing! I mean, come on Sweet Pea! I mean FTF.

So I got busy over on Pat's review of 'Mistiss At A Price.' I don't know why, but her attitude really got to me. I know that I would be hurt if one of my favorite authors came after one of my reviews like that.

KG said...

I feel the same way about Pat. I mean it is one thing to put your opinion about a book, but to bash another reviewer, including their name in a very nasty and childish way makes me not to want to buy any one of her books ever again.

Stephanie said...

I know. And SusieQ's review wasn't even about Pat's book!

Barbara Delaney said...

Hello all, I've no idea what's going on. I just returned from a much needed short vacation. My husband and I went to Shakertown Ky. for several days of hiking, reading, bird watching, marvelous food, and no computers. I was permitted to mention HK during the drive down- after that it was a forbidden topic. I went through a little bit of withdrawal.... it seems I've become a little TOO interested.

Barbara Delaney said...

I guess I should have taken a look at what was going on before commenting.

If nothing else I learned a few things about who's reading this blog. Clearly there have been people reading comments and taking offense at them, my comment to Lonnie became the catalyst for what looked like an unfortunate confluence of events.

I'm sorry that some individuals were thrown into the mix. I noticed it became a free-for-all for trolls, both the regular commenters and the ones who emerge from the dirtiest corners of the internet like cockroaches.

It seems that some people feel very clear about what their intent is when commenting on Harriet Klausner's reviews. And that is to comment solely on HK's reviews. They either have no interest in people like Boudville, Harp, Matlock,etc., or feel that since Harriet is the most visible they will concentrate their efforts on her alone.

I think the entire system is rotten. I do think that soliciting material for reviews is wrong. I think voting rings are wrong. I think reviewing items for the sole intent of raising your reviewer ranking is wrong. Also reviewing books that both the numbers involved(HK) and the subject matter involved (Boudville)prove you cannot possibly have read in the alloted time.

Stephanie said...


I am on your side. I agree with everything you said.

Welcome back. Your vacation sounded relaxing!

Misfit said...

Barbara, glad you got some R&R. It's interesting, Grady's has four new reviews (one from yesterday, three today) and no helpful votes. Interesting also is one comment that said they tried to give it a neg vote and it wouldn't take. What's up with that?

I also dislike the way some top reviewers openly pander for freebies to review. I sent a complaint to Amazon about one that was quite blatant. First response was they had to look into it further. Yesterday I received an email that they were still researching the topic and would get back to me when all was decided. I'll let you all know what comes about.

Barbara Delaney said...

Thank you, I don't give a rat's ass what the amazon troll patrol thinks or says about my comments but there are people here at the appreciation society whose opinions mean a great deal to me. It's with the people here in mind that I post comments, and open-minded newcomers.

And I agree with Misfit that the top reviewers who solicit material for reviewing are questionable as to their honesty. Some of them practically assure potential clients of a glowing review.

KG said...

Even though I don't comment I truly think yours, misfit's and JJJJ are all very well written and intelligent. I think the trolls just lash out because they can't be as eloquent.
And even when you were away, your name was brought up. Maybe you will become the next Amazon star to knock Harriet off her block. LOL :)

scotdog98 said...

I'm beginning to wonder if Amazon put a stop to the batch postings.