Monday, May 14, 2007

Ode to the Troll

This is cute, go to this blog and scroll down to read a lovely poem to the troll:


Stephanie said...

That describes IT to a tee! Thanks for sharing. It put a smile on my face.

Moderator said...

This very nice poem is actually about a different kind of troll: it is about The Original Troll, the troll proper, that is: an attention seeker.

On Amazon we tend to observe an altogether different kind of troll: a discussion wrecker. This troll variety is not quite so innocent as the attention-seeking kind. I wonder is anyone wrote a poem about this particularly noxious type of online bastard.

Stephanie said...

I hear you. I guess I just see IT as an attention seeker as well. Notice how many words are in all caps or words in the middle of a sentence are capitalized? Like IT is shouting for everyone to hear? I can post a comment and minutes later IT has responded to it. Doesn't matter what time of day or evening.

I think it is funny that when we post our opinions about HK, IT comes in and says we should "mine our own business" and then in the same breath say IT has a right to IT'S opinions. And we don't?!