Saturday, December 11, 2010

Lassen's reviews gone. RIP.

Check this out: Lassen's profile page with reviews now says "We're sorry, but this customer's list of reviews is currently not available. Please check back soon". Amazon probably got many complaints about his blatant plagiarism and the whole "Lassen Oeuvre" got removed.

I think it's a shame though: it'd be far more edifying if his good works remained, along with the detractors' funny commentary and his vulgar screeching in response.

The most amazing thing is that this semi-literate lowlife is a college professor. Yep, he's supposedly teaching writing (of all things: you should have seen some of his comments) in some provincial college. How did he manage to get the gig? Kids take out large loans to pay for tuition, and for their money they get exposed to this thieving vulgar scumbag's "instruction". Blows my mind.

PS. Of course you can still¹ read his reviews in the "sorted-by-comment" page (comments are unreachable even there though).

PPS. Did you notice that Amazon just bumped off two more whistle-blowing posters, "Jason Kirkfield" and "M"? All their posts that I've seen in the last couple of days have been "deleted by Amazon"... don't know if it's only their latest contribution that got eliminated or they suffered a total wipeout. I've been reading them for a couple of months at least and have never seen them post anything less than articulate, well-supported factually, and logical. But they speak about shills and frauds like Klausner and Lassen -- and that, as we know, isn't something up with which Amazon shall put for a long time. Can't touch this! Good bye friends, and join the club; you've earned your stripes.
Note 1: Regrettably, this is no longer true: everything's gone now, every last vestige of Lassen reviews. What a shame, the stuff was priceless.