Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Harriet has a competitor? Amazon Top 50 reviewer Amos Lassen

Not that this represents any material threat to our dear Harriet, but the phenomenon is curious in its own right. Apparently plagiarism is rampant on the sacred pages of Amazon. Our correspondent alerts us about another Amazon top reviewer, someone named Amos Lassen. I haven't looked into it in much detail, but upon a cursory perusement it seems interesting. Here's Amos Lassen's reviews page with comments. Many familiar names amongst the critical commenters! Check it out. Oh yeah, there's more: our correspondent points to this Amazon discussion thread for more talk about reviews plagiarism in general and this reviewer in particular (I haven't checked it out, so see for yourselves).

Well, once more: no one beats Harriet at the sheer absurdity of her good works, but hey... there's enough room for everyone under this sun! Check it out and share your thoughts.

Our thanks to our correspondent for pointing us to this new (or not so new, actually -- but certainly new for us) event.

PS. Here's Lassen's Facebook page. Reportedly, it has some relevance to the proceedings as well, so here's the link for the fullness of information. Enjoy!