Thursday, May 10, 2007

New Harriet Sightings

I decided to use a trick I learned from a seminar I attended by a man who wrote the book A Credit Manager's Guide to the Internet (oh, that was so informative!). Too hard to explain it all but involves the use of quotation marks to tell the search engine EXACTLY what you are looking for -- in this case I googled "Harriet Klausner" Pennsylvania. A couple of interesting ones:

Is there more in her bio here than I've seen in other places? Now she's a "hyper speed reader"? And yes, her list of reviews are missing a few aren't they?


Oh, I am so tempted to write on this blog and inform this lovely author of Christian stories who is SO PROUD that Amazon's #1 reviewer deigned to give her a positive review that the same reviewer also reviews erotica (smut) in great offensive detail.

The rest of the hits, for the record:"harriet%20klausner"%20pennsylvania&channel=totalaccess


moderator said...

Oh, there's tons of stuff like that on the net. I'm really amazed how authors just don't seem to even look at who reviews their books as long as the reviews are positive. Kinda sad, actually.
PS. Btw, maybe you've seen this already, but just in case you haven't -- you can learn a lot of searching tricks from google help: it's quite extensive and, well, helpful... :-)

A good place to start:

moderator said...

Btw, Gunny's back with a vacuous as always review. Check it out.

Misfit said...

Thanks JJJS. I'll look into it, always ready to learn a few new tricks. The quotes are the best though, take a phone # with quotes around it and google will find you a web page with that phone # on it. I've come up with some interesting results sometimes, and as a credit manager it's saved my bacon detecting fraud.

I'll check out gunny, I wonder how much longer he's going to get free books from publishers before they realize he's not in the top anyting?

Anonymous said...

He's probably writing for some other place. I suspect his postings on Amazon are trial balloons of sorts... maybe not, who knows.


moderator said...

I'd like to congratulate everyone with the first attempt by trolls to spam this blog. Seems like our blog isn't as unknown and abandoned as some think! ;-) Disruption won't be tolerated though. Everyone is welcome here, just ask for invitation (see the Welcome message for details), but disrupters will be banned on the spot.

Barbara Delaney said...

Speaking of the trolls, I read the comment by Anthony Harper about this "totalitarian" blog. I had often wished there were someplace other than the review comment section to have a conversation but knew that the Amazon discussion boards were an impossibility. Mr. Harper claims that we could not converse at their lofty intellectual level. Would that be the "wink, wink" or "bats eyelashes" or perhaps " Hey, I'm a married man/woman" ?

The first realization you have upon visiting the Amazon DB's is that there is no one there capable of reasoned thought, no analysis, no comprehension of any complexities, their idea of debate is the liberal use of grade school taunts. I wished that just once one of them would have put forth some type of reasoned argument instead of name-calling. I'm relieved that JJJS set this blog up as a place where conversations can take place without the constant fending off of the willfully ignorant.

KG said...

You should post on that blog for that poor woman who is so excited about the #1 reviewer. I bet she would be in for a shock. And honestly, HK is not a professional, a pathetic amateur, so why would she be so happy?
You should post about your blog on the amazon dicussion message boards. There are multiple conversations about HK and they are a riot to read.

Misfit said...

I noticed those comments about this blog as well this morning. What happened last night after I turned off the PC and went to bed that was so awful that people were banned?

I have looked at the DB's and I can't even follow a simple thread, there are so many ridiculous comments, pictures for no reason, etc.

moderator said...

Misfit, we were visited by a board-style anonymous troll. He started from afar with many fulsome praises so as to ingratiate himself but those were increasingly combined with the well-familiar amazon-board-style bullshit (I enjoy using this word! :-). So I bumped him off.