Monday, May 21, 2007

Arthur W. Schade reviews his own book

Reviews Written by Arthur W. Schade
GOD Must Be PISSED!: 'Cause I'm Confused as Hell by A. W. Schade.

"[...]an extremely fascinating read... [...]Extremely well written, Schade's prose is priceless ..." etc.



KG said...

That is too funny and beyond cute! Kudos for the author!

Barbara Delaney said...

There is an interesting exchange at Grady Harp's review site with yet another top reviewer heard from. Here is yet another reviewer who quite openly solicits items for reviewing, makes the offer of being able to use his reviews in your publication -undoubtedly at an agreed upon price. He also throws out the pointless question about are we so stupid as to believe the reviewer at the New York Times actually pays for the books he/she reviews: is this the exalted company he believes he is to be found among? He also speaks of the "thousands" of helpful votes his reviews have received and how many people he has helped. What a great humanitarian.

Misfit said...

Barbara, this reviewer, #49, is beyond bold:

"In my own words
I am VERY interested in receiving classical music CDs or DVDs for review. Please email me at for my contact info.

If you are interested in my freelancing for your publication, please feel free to contact me with the offer. We can discuss my reviews and what you are interested in my writing for you. My email is

If you are a publisher or author, feel free to email me if you have something you would like me to consider reviewing.

If you enjoyed or hated one of my reviews, I am interested in hearing from you, so please email me.

If you would like to receive email notices of my posted reviews plese sign up at:

http://entrypage.hrgems.c om/craigreviews

As for my educational background, I have an MBA (emphasis in finance) from the University of Michigan Business School and a Bachelor of Music in music theory from the University of Michigan School of Music.

I enjoy reading about business including textbooks, but I also enjoy reading about music and art (again, including textbooks). I also read history, politics, mathematics, science, some fiction, and technical books on computing (how I have made a living).

I also review music CDs, especially classical music. If you are a publisher of classical music CDs, I would really enjoy discussing my reviewing your CDs with you.

And when a movie strikes my fancy, I review it as a DVD.

I am one of the founders and the CTO at HRgems, Inc. Among other things, we publish the TraitSet(tm) pre-screening assessments ( and I encourage you to take a look at our service and see if we can help your organization. Feel free to contact me with questions or comments.

If you would like me to review your book, movie, or CD on Amazon, please email me about it at and we can determine if it is something I can do justice to. Also, I don't review all the books I read because I generally do not post negative reviews due to the way Amazon scores things. Negative reviews tend to attract negative votes and that doesn't help anyone."

Doesn't want to review the books he doesn't like because he doesn't want negative ratings. That's nice. The few times I've had a stinker of a book and posted an honest opinion, I've actually got more HV's than I expected, and in return I have appreciated those honest opinions as they have saved me from wasting money on books I might not like.

Misfit said...

The review is gone, removed by Amazon. See it does help to report these things.

KG said...

I wonder who and how many reported it?

Moderator said...

Misfit, how do you know it was removed by Amazon, rather than by Arthur W. Shade himself?

Moreover, why was it removed? In the same thread, AWS said that this was a quote from someone else rather than him praising himself to the skies. If so, you'd think he could simply add a reference to the real author and leave this review in peace. Yet it's gone. Why? Any guesses?

Misfit said...

JJJS, because I sent an email to Amazon complaining about the author reviewing his own work, and they responded that they had removed it.

Moderator said...

Oh, I see. There's actually a lot of that. Authors posting reviews on their own books (usually five stars! :-)

KG said...

Hmmm I wonder why 5 stars? LOL
Can you imagine an author giving their book less then average reviews? tee hee hee

Moderator said...

Actually, believe it or not, I've seen that happen -- once. A real good author too, I liked the guy. He intervened when someone posted a stupid one-star review, but he (the author) gave his rebuttal review the same rating as the overall average was then. That was a while ago, before the advent of the 'comments feature'. That, I thought, was decent.

KG said...

I wonder if author Pat will have some backlash because of her comments? If I was her I would have never said a word.
Maybe Harriet will take offense too and give her a one star rating next time her newest book comes out!