Thursday, May 24, 2007

Daily events

W Boudville:
Today W Boudville read three (3) books:
  • Advanced Dynamic-system Simulation: Model-replication Techniques and Monte Carlo Simulation [221 pages]
  • AZARIA [no page count given]
  • Object-Oriented Analysis and Design with Applications [704 pages]
Total: 925 known + whatever Azaria's page count is; gotta be over 1000.
Rated: two four stars, one five stars.

John Matlock "Gunny" (who is definitely back at it):
Today JMG read five (5) books (as of right now; the day's not over)
  • From the Heart: A Woman's Guide to Living Well [263 pages]
  • With Speed and Violence: Why Scientists Fear Tipping Points in Climate Change [278 pages]
  • CF-104 Starfighter in Canadian Service [112 pages]
  • Imperial German Army 1914-18 [416 pages]
  • Advantage Database Server: A Developer's Guide [616 pages]
Total: 1685 pages.
All rated five stars (no surprises here).

Robert Morris:
Today Robert Morris read (and highlighted) one (1) book today: Strategy Express [130 pages]; rated five stars (no surprises as well).


Misfit said...

Well, Gunny's "book store" is still busy as always:

I've never had the energy to look at them all, but the few I have looked at have only one copy available, "NEW from the distributor" of course, for sale.

BTW, have you all noticed the way Amazon has changed the book info pages? No more spotlights reviews, and a whole different feel to it. What do you think?

Maybe another day. Right now I have a book to read......

Moderator said...

Yes, I have. I think it's more cluttered and harder to figure out what's what. The reviews are no longer sorted by posting date; I can't see any pattern to the order (except that five-star reviews appear to float up now regardless from when they were posted).

What I did like is this rating-statistics box preceeding reviews where you can see review counts summarized by rating, and where you can click on every group to read the constituent reviews in isolation: this is very neat. There's also this search within reviews box on the right that's neat too (it doesn't seem totally new, but somehow I couldn't easily navigate to it in the past).

Btw, about Gunny: how do you know how many copies he has?

Misfit said...

JJJS, click on any of the books for the info page. 9 out of 10 (don't quote me, I haven't done the math) it will say ONE available new or used from these sellers, click on that and BINGO guess who is there!

Deborah Hern said...

Do I even need to say that no reviewer is reading 1000 pages, then retaining the information even long enough to bang out a knee-jerk 5-star review? Didn't think so.

I read the last 300 pages of THE FIRST STONE and reviewed it today. (It got a 5, but my scale is 1-10, so that's not so good.) And I corrected Harriet's review. As usual, "she" manages to both get facts wrong and include plot spoilers. That's some kinda talent.

Barbara Delaney said...


Azaria has 216 pages, many of them photos. It was published in 1982 just two years after the events that were later dramatized in the Meryl Streep movie "A Cry in the Dark", (called Evil Angels in Australia), which was released in 1988.

The book is twenty-five years old and when you consider that the last inquest held on the death of the infant was in 1995 the book is seriously out of date. Since the book is unavailable I'm not sure what purpose was served by this review.