Sunday, January 29, 2012

Klausner's Good Works are Physically Impossible! Correct.

Denise Karen says:
They need to change their policy! If everyone called up and complained, Amazon would be forced to make changes. It is physically impossible for one person to read over 26,000 books in 11 years. I actually took the exact number the other day and divided by 4015 (11 years x 365 days); and she would have to have read approximate 6.5 books a day, EVERY DAY, for the past 11 years! No one can do that!! I don't care how fast a speed reader you are, this is impossible.
Denise is exactly right (except if everyone called, Amazon would banish them from their site and go on as before... how do I know? They've done it a million times already). Amazon likes fake reviews because they sell books, regardless of the books' quality. Amazon doesn't care about quality of what they sell to you, they only care to get a cut of what you paid for it. If they manipulated you into buying crap, it's all the same for them. Truth in advertizing it is not. Beware.

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