Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Keep Quiet About Klausner on Amazon or Amazon Will Shut You Up

As always, Amazon doesn't like people talking about Amazon's shills (like Klausner) on Amazon. Nothing new, and here it goes again:
L. Donner says:
Well this is interesting. I posted a comment on this review yesterday calling Harriet a fraud and an idiot (can't even get facts right) and apparently my post was taken down by Amazon (I called out Amazon for continuing to allow these false reviews). Let's see if this post stays. Sorry Amazon and Harriet if the truth hurts but false reviews do not do anyone any good and deprive readers of a true barometer of public opinion. Anyone who thinks I'm being harsh should find out how many "reviews" Harriet has posted and the truth will be known.

And indeed, under another Klausner review (scroll down to the comment area) we see a stub of what used to be L.Donner's comment until Jan 23, 2012 11:19:10 PM:

Seems like Amazon doesn't want their visitors to become aware of Amazon's army of reviewing frauds with Klausner The Queen of Shills at the helm. Shall we believe our lying eyes or there are other explanations? Please chime with any alternative hypotheses.
PS. Needless to say, we totally agree with poster "L.Donner". Peruse the commentary under Klausner reviews and see how many of these "Deleted by Amazon" stubs you can find. You can be sure that the most of them (probably all) were about Harriet's insolent shilling. Harriet, let us remember, has posted about six (6) reviews every day since the beginning of her current posting account at the end of November 1999. So she's been reading six books every day since Nov 1999? And that is only the good books, 'cause as was reported, she does not review the books she doesn't like — but they certainly do exist, just remain unreflected in her reviewing record. Six books a day is her "lifetime" average rate; if you follow her patterns more closely, you'll see that shorter-term averages are even more absurd, like ten (10) a day or thereabouts. There's been days when she deposited over a hundred reviews! Apparently Amazon doesn't have a very high opinion of their customers' intelligence, if they hope anyone one earth still believes that Harriet's semi-literate shill jobs are anything but.

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