Wednesday, January 9, 2008

W.Boudville transformed

Here's one of the recent W.Boudville reviews. Don't you think it's entirely out of style? Meaning his style, i.e., two paragraphs of fragment-infested drivel about nothing with a four-star rating. Check it out, the review is actually well written and extensive. What do you think of it?


Barbara Delaney said...

Uhh, no effing way did Mr. Sentence Fragment write this review. Unfortunately I've had the distinctly unpleasant experience of having read many of Boudvile's reviews, this is not his style.

It would be as if Hurried Klausner suddenly wrote an insightful, thoughtful review, with the character's names all correct, filled with her own personal'd know it was a fake instantly.

Malleus said...

Well, there you go. Actually, I did find one fragment (at the beginning somewhere). But still... looks more like the real writer of this piece checked out a few WB reviews and decided to insert a fragment so as to make his own review adhere to the WB idiom sowewhat.