Wednesday, April 16, 2008

More info on the Debbie Mac Scandal

Credit for this comes from commenters on a new thread on Dear Author. One from Karen Knows Best disputing DAM's claim that she's only an author and not a co-publisher at Highland Press. And two more, one from Galley Cat titled Authors Behaving Badly, and one from Jem's Thoughts. All this hoopla on the internet and still no posting on Amazon's discussion board. Perhaps Mark is right, no one wants to tangle with her.


Barbara Delaney said...

Check out comment number seventeen from "Whack-a-Doodle". She has a picture of the real Deborah Anne. It looks NOTHING at all like the picture she uses at Amazon.

Shades of Marie M./Sonia Kerrigan. Where do they get these pictures that they use?

Mark said...

BTW, take another look at this post on this blog and the link. Look who we already quoted.

Cathy said...

Good one, I'd forgotten that. Thanks Mark. Why is a critical review of a poorly written book be offensive to an author? Not everyone is going to like your work.

LMAO, one of the reviewers she quotes as being honest, etc. (I won't name her at least yet). I've seen a review of hers on the same book I gave a one star to and all I can say is no one would give that a five star except a shill. But she is.

Cathy said...

Dear Author is sponsoring a petition to the AG of Washington State for thos interested in signing on,

Barbara Delaney said...

So, I just read this about Deborah Anne MacGillivray:

"She has spent the last 25 years helping her grandfather, a retired historian, sort, restore and rewrite the history of their family in Scotland and England."

Oh great, she's "rewriting" the history of her family? Given this women's penchant for lying I can only imagine what that means. Out go the petty thieves and scullery maids, in come the duchesses and landed gentry. I'm sure it will be quite a document when she gets through with it.

Cathy said...

Here's another author commenting,