Thursday, July 10, 2008

Once more Harriet neglects to read book before reviewing it

Posted by Ann:
I just read her review on Barnes&, for my latest Victorian Romance, released two days ago, and she has the plot all wrong. No way could she have read the book. I appreciate the five stars, but...


Cathy said...

I like this post better,

"Back in the dark ages of the Internet (1997) I reviewed books for a now defunct website called "Under the Covers Book Reviews" Reviewers sometimes got ARCS or books from the publishers but since this was early in the days on the net, we mostly just reviewed books we bought ourselves. Another reviewer for that site was Harriet Klausner - and most of us hated her because no matter how fast we read a book, she'd always already have a damn review up in her classic "two paragraphs of summary, one paragraph of vague praise highly suitable for putting on a book cover" Plus, she'd whore those same crap reviews to any and every book site on the net"

Malleus said...

Oh, it's a great one, of course, it's just a bit older. That whole page is full of pearls, a must read for a Harriet fan.