Monday, September 1, 2008

Now here's an enterprising author for you

Or is she a nutcase whacko? You be the judge. Author Chancery Stone starts a post at the Amazon Romance Forums promoting her Danny books to the romance readers, in part,

"The DANNY Quadrilogy is a 4 volume series of novels about the Jackson Moore brothers, part of a Cumbrian (English) farming family.They have a forbidden relationship, thoroughly twisted out of shape by an abusive childhood. Things get horribly out of hand and the jealousies and rivalries end in murder.Please be warned it is a sexually explicit tale with controversial content. However, for those people who live for intense emotional romances and who actively enjoy a challenging storyline then it will exceed your expectations."

Big surprise, most of the regular posters at Amazon took umbrage at the post as these books about sibling sexual relationships is not what romance readers are looking for. I don't know about the rest of you, but from looking at the author's comments on her Amazon blog about these books I'm guessing they're better classified as erotica or porn and not a serious novel on a sensitive subject and certainly for the romance genre.

I'd also like to point out for further reading to those of you who have been banned from commenting at Amazon for inapproprite language, on Ms. Chancery's Amazon Blog her thread titled, "Vanilla Lace. In Yer' Face. " Read it for yourself but be warned, it's highly offensive, and not for the kiddies - I think even our fearless leader Harriet would be embarrased. Maybe not. How stuff like that can get posted on Amazon is beyond me. And if you're still not convinced this one's a fruitcake, here's her website.


Malleus said...

Well, I guess, it's some sort of kinky porn, which I got no problem with, except there's a danger of offering stuff like that in a venue that cannot be reasonably expected to be frequented exclusively by fans of this specific genre: to those who aren't it can be distasteful. I remember watching a skin flick where, unannouncedly, a gay-porn trailer was inserted, and I remember it nearly made me throw up. I got no problem with gays, but stuff like that should be more carefully targeted at the right audience. Back to your message: this probably shouldn't be posted in the open on the site like Amazon, where anyone can visit, even children. Somewhat unrelatedly: speaking of porn in general: I could never appreciate it in a literary form. Book porn is always boring, I think. Is there something about porn that defies vebalisation? Or is it different with women?

Cathy said...

Tacky as it is the way some authors try to promote their books, she would have been better off posting in say the erotica discussion forums and not romance, although now called on the carpet for it by the romance posters she's defensive as hell. Newest thread,

Hard to believe that blog of hers can be sitting on Amazon like that, you would think they had software to pick up words like that. Who knows?

As far as porn, I've not led a sheltered life but I haven't exposed myself to it either. I seem to recall reading that Ted Bundy got his kicks early in life reading porn. Look where that got him.

Deborah Hern said...

If viewing/reading porn actually led to becoming a serial killer, there would be millions of serial killers out there. It may be that mentally deranged people are drawn to porn (especially the violent variety) but correlation does not equal causation.

On the subject at hand... most romance readers draw a very firm line between "romance" and "erotica." This author most likely posted news of her books on a romance forum because there are more people reading there than are reading on an erotica forum. But the risk she runs, clearly, is being told where she can stuff her fiction by romance readers.

Even in romance-land, among readers who read "love scenes" as a matter of course in mainstream romance, there's still an overwhelming majority who are repulsed by incest storylines. Ditto abusive relationships and something the epublishers like to euphemistically call "Daddy-daughter play." (not really pedophilia, just pretend... but way too close to awful for most readers.)

Sounds like another author who figured that any publicity is good publicity and didn't think the whole thing through very carefully. There seems to be a lot of that going around, lately.

Cathy said...

"There seems to be a lot of that going around, lately."

That's an understatement :-)

Good gravy she's at it again with another post. Read it but please do not post and feed this troll,

BTW, she's got some odd book promos up at You Tube. Just search by her name.

Deborah Hern said...

Just in case anyone doubts that even liberal readers of the romance genre think that incest is a neat-o topic, please check this blog and be sure to read at least the first 6 comments.

Sorry, I have no idea why that's not coming up as a link. I guess it's cut-and-paste time if you're interested.

Please note that this person's blog contains some fairly frank discussions and quite a lot of four-letter words. If that's not your thing, avoid. Otherwise, she's very funny.

Deborah Hern said...

Aha. Chancery Stone is an established troll, as far back as March 2006. Even has a page on the fandom wank blog.

Cathy said...

Thanks Deborah for the links. Check back in to Karen Knows Best soon. Chancery has just stepped into the fray.

Deborah Hern said...

Thanks, Catherine. Karen shut her down pretty quick. She usually does when people like Chancery show up on her blog. She doesn't believe in feeding trolls.

Apparently, Amazon has removed all of the threads regarding Chancery And Her Amazing Technicolor Dreambook. Probably for the best, really.

And somewhere in my travels, reading about this, a few people mentioned that this author has been engaged in this sort of behavior (while "selling" her "book") for many, many years. If that's not sad, I don't know what is.

Cathy said...

I figured it would happen sooner or later. Unfortunately that Vanilla Lace bit on her Amazon blog is still up.

Sea Foam said...

If you all haven't kept up with this, she is one of the rare authors on Amazon who has now been banned from commenting and was warned that she would be removed entirely if she ever again used the blog portion of her profile page to post porn or profanity. Amazon needs to work on closing that little unmonitored feature of theirs.

Notice her complete change of tune on her profile page now making all nicey nice with her "American Fans", but it's still loaded with contradictions. She hawks her book on Amazon and then bites the hand that feeds her by basically calling Amazon a big bully capitalist pig (but thanks for selling my book).

What a nut! She sounds like a freakin' 16 year old, but I hear she's actually in her 40's.

Deborah Hern said...

When all of this first erputed, I started reading links. Apparently, this same woman, now fortyish, has been "advertising" the same book(s) for upwards of a decade now.

What happened on Amazon is her general m.o. She'll show up at some site/forum that is not related to porn/incest and start hawking her wares. When she's politely asked to leave, she becomes insanely offended and begins lashing out at everyone, quickly answering every single comment with vitriol of her own.

Her blog contains the heart-warming sentiments that she's decided she just loves a good screaming fight, but no one else can possibly match her verbal sparring skills, and she is, thus, invincible. I believe she used the hilariously apt term "heat seeking missile" to describe her attraction to intarwebz flamewarz.

She's been kicked out of more places than Amazon. But I'm sure this is just the feather in her cap o' crazy. If she'd spent this time honing her craft, she might be published by now. (or not.)