Wednesday, November 26, 2008

W.Boudville read NINE books today...

...and, needless to say, reviewed them all ! Well, before someone like L.E. Cantrell rushes in to remonstrate, précisons-nous: the latest earlier review was posted on the 23rd, so (today's being 25th) maybe W.Boudville spent two days, not just one working over these nine (9) books. I mean at least nine (maybe more reviews are coming? The day's not over yet).

PS. Do you think Harp is back at it? It's not 300 a week anymore, of course; but he is getting a goodly number quick, synchronously -- and, apparently, this number is intermittently being curtailed, as if Amazon were drawing in the reins a couple of times a day.

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Stanley H Nemeth said...

Exactly so. This Boudville guy is clearly a species of book reviewing "ungeheurer" fully the rival of a Klausner. His current crop of short reviews read like bloated book jacket blurbs, relaying some content information, but little more. Looking at the back of a book,scanning its table of contents, or, at most, thumbing through it would be the only requirements for him to post such pieces. How his ratings of these books were determined is a mystery his "reviews" themselves fail to reveal. If Amazon distinguished between any sort of legitimate review and a mere 3 or 4 line graffiti, Boudville's postings, like many of Klausner's, would merit an automatic "Deleted by Amazon" - for abuse perpetrated on the reading public.

Yes, again. Harp's number of "Helpful" votes has slowed a considerable extent. What would have received 300 raves by this time now receives about 30. Brobdingnagian vanity, as I see it, has been reduced to the Lilliputian sort. Still the marginal, sometimes frankly wacky books reviewed ARE getting 30 or so "yes" votes and very few negatives, 30 "yes' votes which are far in excess of either the books' drawing power or critical excellence. Under the new system, by this procedure Harp has already moved to reviewer #23. 30 "yes" votes on every review, often in tandem, and with few negatives, might do the same trick for Harp under the new system as astronomical totals did under the old. Harriet continues to decline in the rankings. She should prepare herself for new surprisings such as #1 Reviewer-Elect Harp!