Sunday, February 1, 2009

243 Phoney Reviews in January 2009

In the event anyone might have thought 2009 would bring about a change in Harriet Klausner's conduct, sorry no kewpie doll.

The Queen of Frauds posted -- no, make that excreted -- 243 abominably written phoney reviews on Amazon. Since she regularly dumps her reviews on at least 17 other sites, who knows how many of her reviews were actually inflicted on the human race during the first month of the year.

Harriet is not slowing down. Speeding up is more like it. She averaged 7.7 reviews a day in 2008 and for 2009 she's up to about 8 a day. For someone who claims to read "only" 2 books a day, that's quite an accomplishment. It also means she is admittedly a fake.

One of Harriet's reviews on Amazon was removed in mid-January after complaints that it included the f-bomb word. But another one of her reviews is still floating at the top of the pool like a turd with the f-bomb word gratuitously used. Amazon has it standards, and they seem to be to allow the shill that is Klausner to help Amazon flog books to an unsuspecting public.

The only good thing is that as of this writing Harriet has slipped to no. 523 on the "new" reviewing system. However, her badge still proclaims her to be "No. 1 Reviewer." As if quantity means anything.

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Malleus said...

>Harriet is not slowing down.
She's making up on volume. That's been her business model all along; her rapidly vanising topreviewership is of no great consequence, I think (though, as you correctly say, Klausner's rapid drop in rank doesn't show in her byline: to a casual reader of Amazon reviews she's still presented as No.1).