Friday, March 13, 2009

Lisa Marie Wilkinson is Proud of Herself

One a site called Romantic Times one Lisa Marie Wilkinson writes in her blog:
My debut historical romance novel "Fire at Midnight" was released by Medallion Press on March 1. [...] "Fire at Midnight" was a finalist or winner of more than 40 writing contests in its unpublished form, including the Maryland Writers Association Novel Contest and a Bronze Award from the Pacific Northwest Writers Association Literary Contest.

The novel was recently awarded a 5 star review by Amazon reviewer Harriet Klausner, a 4 star rating by Romantic Times Book Reviews Magazine, and a 5 Blue Ribbon Rating from Romance Junkies.

Shall we laugh or shall we cry ? :-) Well. Congratulations of course, but this review from Harriet Klausner... these Klausner reviews aren't what they used to be anymore!


Stanley H Nemeth said...

What anymore? :-))!!

Deborah Hern said...

That's sad. Especially since the romance reading community has a pretty strong online presence, and are thus likely to know that HK is a huge fraud. Using her as a 'see how great my book is' isn't likely to impress them.

Deborah Hern said...

It has come to my attention that Lisa Marie Wilkinson has been here and read our remarks. She can't comment here, of course, since she's not a member. The upshot is that she's doing all she can to promote herself, and thus, the HK quote.

She takes special issue with my comment. Let me just say, first of all, that I apologize for any hurt feelings. Clearly, I'm not a writer and am not expressing myself clearly. I have not read Ms. Wilkinson's book. So when I say, "That's sad," I mean not that her book is sad, but that I find it sad that *any* author of *any* genre would use a known fraud like HK as any kind of real, positive review. I understand doing everything you can to promote your book, and you *should* be proud of being published.

Just realize that anyone who spends much time on the 'net in general, or Amazon in particular, is well aware that HK's reviews mean nothing. And that, after putting in all the hours of work, sweat, and tears on a book, an author does him/herself a disservice by pointing out that a fraud like HK "liked" it. I'm sure there are other, more honest and reliable reviewers you could point out as exemplars of the reception your book is getting. You'd be much better off using any of them.

Malleus said...

> She can't comment here, of course, since she's not a member.
Oh c'mon, the lady doth protest too much -- there's an email address at the top of the page. But what is there to say about this matter? Another author used a known shill to increase his sales. A review from Klausner means (a) fake reviews are OK by this author in his going after your cash, and (b) the author thinks the reading public a bunch of clinical morons who can't figure out what Klausner does and what her ever-positive, ungrammatical, and error-ridden shilljobs are worth.