Monday, January 4, 2010

Amazon Super Saver Shipping

I have a question perhaps someone here can answer.

In years past, I used to order quite a bit from Amazon and do it with free shipping. The stuff shipped quickly and arrived in a week, no more than two. Now, however, when I order and do free shipping, I get a "ship date estimate" that is two, three, four weeks into the future. It takes forever to get my order. My question: Does Amazon now put the free shipping orders at the very end of their "To Do" list?


Mark said...

They've always said that shipping would take two or three weeks, but it usually doesn't.

They will wait to ship until everything is in stock. Are you ordering pre-orders or back-ordered items?

If I use free shipping, I figure it will take me two weeks to get the item, and I haven't noticed much difference. I have long suspected that they do push us free loaders to the bottom of the pile but can't prove it.

Dave IRV said...

Okay, this one shipped pretty quickly, just got notice today.

I can't complain this time, but I am with you and suspect the free shipping orders get pushed to the end of the list. (No pre-orders or back orders, which would obviously take longer.) I thought they might be intentionally dragging their feet in order to encourage (force??) people into joining the Super Shippers club thing they have now.

Malleus said...

That's a legitimate suspicion, but I have never experienced any problems when it comes to order fulfillment. Free or not, they ship very fast... and I usually accumulate stuff I want so that there's enough there to get free shipping. So, no, I have to say that -- in my (very long!) experience -- Amazon is very fine in that department. No recent changes.