Saturday, April 24, 2010

A man Harriet Klausner would understand and like

Who is that handsome chap? Ah but of course, everyone knows it's professor Figes, who has recently decided to wade into the murky waters of Amazon review writing with such effect.
... The future of one of Britain's leading historians was looking increasingly uncertain tonight after he admitted that he was the author of anonymous reviews that praised his own work as "fascinating" and "uplifting" while rubbishing that of his rivals. ...
Harriet and Professor Figes have a lot in common, maybe they should go on a date, what do you think, Dear Reader?


Stanley H Nemeth said...

I fear on a date they wouldn't get along any better, say, than a minor league Hitler and a Stalin. Too much competition!

Malleus said...

:-) Ouch. You don't think the world is big enough for both of them?