Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Simon suffers a wipeout (Klausner Protection Squad™ strikes again)

Another day, another news. Well, a new victim rather, but nothing really new: Amazon wipes out yet another commenter who dared to talk about the fraud that Harriet Klausner is. Everyone knows Simon Davis (he's been around for quite some time). He's been intermittently active in the Klausner "trenches", and we all know that this means asking for trouble. Today is the day: he just got wiped out by Amazon. I learned about this shameful news from a comment by another poster (I'm adding both a link and a snapshot — just in case the original gets deleted and the link becomes useless):

And indeed, it appears that Amazon wiped out every single comment Simon has ever posted: here are just a few examples — here;

and here:

and more:

Amazon is exceptionally unsubtle about muzzling everyone who dares to bring up the dangerous topic of their love of shills on their site: can't touch this! Shameful and revolting, especially since it's done so in-your-face for those who know what goes on, yet to a casual visitor it looks like perhaps the comment was offensive and was removed legitimately. After all, there's no button "let's look at what this was before Amazon deleted it" one could click on and see whether the deletion was justifiable. Many times, in process of wising up to what Klausner and her likes actually do on Amazon, people say something like, "I wonder why this or that guy got deleted-by-Amazon. First I thought perhaps his posts were inappropriate, but now I wonder..." Indeed.

Now, I'm sure Amazon doesn't give a crap about comments: I've seen really bad, rude comments (and reported them too), and nothing ever happened to them: so it's not like Amazon watches what goes on on their site all the time — nor do they pay any attention to isolated "report-this" reports. So these wipeouts (especially of the total kind) have got to be engineered by the Klausner Protection Squad™ (and similar gangs of shills manipulating the social environment on Amazon's site). I wonder how they do it... do they call Amazon on the phone and bitch about poor little Harriet being abused, or do they have some special Amazon-supplied button that only shills know about, or do they "report-this" five million times on every comment of the poster they want to get rid of? Do they assemble forces, or do they use their sock-puppet accounts? Do both "purchase" and "no-purchase" accounts work, or it has to be only one kind? ... Do we have any disgruntled Amazon employees who could shed light on internal workings of Amazon's Klausner Defense Machine? How does it work in practice?

Well, anyway. Let's welcome Simon into the manly ranks of disappeared-by-Amazon. Not that we ever had any doubts about Simon's virtue, but today his human decency has been confirmed by the enemy itself — no higher compliment can be hoped for.


Malleus said...

A blog reader sent us a comment:
" What would be nice is to see someone decide to file a lawsuit against Amazon with the FTC regarding their review system. If we as reviewers technically have to reveal any association with the product that might influence our review, then a case could be made that either 1) HK might be in violation of that rule, and/or 2) Amazon is fraudulently manipulating sales via their review system, referring back to the same FTC regulations.

"In a perfect world, it would open up some of the inner workings of Amazon's system and why some reviewers are protected like HK, when her reviewing exploits are obviously on par with Santa Claus being able to visit every house in the world over a 24 hour period... :)

[name redacted]"

Malleus said...

Well, yeah, but that's what I thought the FTC is supposed to do itself. Of course it'd be nice if Amazon was at long last forced to behave -- and maybe disclose a bit of its internal workings relative the reviewing system that are absurdly secret right now. It's got to be some watchdog agency, 'cause I can't imagine an individual doing anything like that. I mean, even with us, all we can do is carp and raise hell -- and even that, quite honestly, takes so much time, that we've got to by now have received a Congressional Medal of Honour for our, clearly supererogatory, civic stance. Most people simply move on -- and that's precisely what this whole racket assumes everyone will do; that's why they've been doing it with complete impunity for over a decade. And it's not like this is so sophisticated... all these shenanigans are very obvious once you start paying attention. Quite frankly, I'm surprised that it's possible to be so in-your-face as Amazon is with their fake reviewing. I'm not a laywer, but I'm sure Amazon is adequately lawyered up, so they probably believe they got nothing to fear. Which, if true, is disheartening, to say the least.