Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Buck210 Gets Hit Again

I got hit again by AMMY, again it was deleted within just a few minutes of posting it.

Not sure what they are upset about as there was nothing in it other than my normal insults to Hattie and picking at her allergy to the comma key.

It read like this:

“The Perpetual Perpetrator of Poor Punctuation” writes "Still this tender tale", what do you mean by this? This tender tale is to remain motionless?

Fraud Hattie did not read this book or any of the other 27,000+ books that she posted these fake reviews for.

Anybody else got any ideas as to why they got so upset to delete it?

I may have had "The Butcheress of Grammar" in there too, but, I've used that one before and it didn't get ax'd?


Malleus said...

Yeah, I noticed that. Wonder why they removed it. I gotta suspect that, at least in some cases, these things get deleted automatically, upon some magic number of "report this" clicks. I like how they outsourced the maintenance of the site (in that respect) to whoever clicks the most. That surely is a fair and balanced way to manage things...

buck210 said...

hmmm, they just deleted another of my posts. This time, it completely disappeared, nothing left, not even the good old "Deleted by Amazon", just gone.

And, yes, I did save it, here it is:
""terrific suspensefuk historical romance" another new word from "Our Lady of Perpetual Posting”.
Fraud Hattie has posted 27,000+ fake reviews of books that she did not read in the past 11 years. Is it hard to believe anyone could read a book, post a "review" for it 7 times per day on average? If you think so, please keep it in mind when you read any of “The Cozy Queen of Crap”'s fake reviews." I was posted on one of her books from today (May 22, 2012) "If the Slipper Fits (Cinderella Sisterhood)"

I had a feeling that they would ax it because of "suspensefuk". But, to make it completely disappear without a trace and no leftover "deleted by"? Ammy's got something new up there sleeve?

Malleus said...

Two possibilities:

1. It's not Amazon -- she deleted and reposted the review herself (delete-and-repost is a time-honoured method of wiping out comments w/o leaving traces). I don't remember her doing this in the past though (doesn't mean it never happened, of course).

2. I'm not positive, but it semed at some point that if the deleted post was the only one there, the new Amazon software wiped out everything and left no traces. If, otoh, there were other posts before it, then this didn't happen. Or something similar...

buck210 said...

Just got warned by Ammy to stop name calling.

here is the email:
Hello from the Communities Team,

Many of your recent discussion board posts were found spiteful. In order to facilitate customer participation in our discussion boards, we encourage them to discuss the topic and information related to it. However, posts which are spiteful will be removed. We do not allow name calling in our discussion boards. Examples are:

"The Cozy Queen of Crap" and "The Perpetual Perpetrator of Poor Punctuation"

If this continues, we'll remove your posting privileges from your account in accordance with our Conditions of Use. Please take a look at our guidelines before posting again:

Thanks for your understanding in this matter.

Best Regards,

Your feedback is helping us build Earth's Most Customer-Centric Company.

buck210 said...

Oh, and, they deleted another of my posts without a trace.

Guess I'll have to word them a little differently in the future.

Malleus said...

Well, you gotta always be ready, you understand that. There's a long line of former posters whom Amazon bumped off, some of them several times. It's their site and they can do whatever they want, including enabling shills like Klausner and removing anyone who raises the issue of fraudulent reviews they like so much.

But they appear to have become nicer! In the past, you'd simply find your posts gone and yourself unable to post. Now they send a warning! That's pretty touching. I like how they care that posts not be "spiteful" but are entirely OK with thieving shills like Klausner (and a billion others there, all their Top Reviewers are suspect in my book; many of them more than just suspect).