Here's a preliminary report, I will have more on this the beginning of Sept.

So far in August, Hattie has 804 votes, 579 of them helpful (72%) and 225 of them unhelpful (28%). This is for all of Hatties fake reviews, not just the August fake reviews (I note this because the stats below are for just the fake reviews for that month only). At this time, Hatties overall percent helpful is 74%.

Below are the stats from the past 3 months (again, these votes are just for the fake reviews that Hattie posted for that month).

Month-total votes-helpful votes-percent-unhelpful votes-percent
May 733 485 66% 248 34%
June 646 374 58% 272 42%
July 597 343 57% 254 43%

Notice any patterns? I do, her overall percent for August is 72% but the fake reviews for last month is just 57% gone down from 66% in May.

The thing that I find most interesting is, 72% of the total votes for August are helpful but, only 57% of the July fake reviews votes are helpful, does that mean that most of the helpful votes that she's getting are for older fake reviews? And, does this also mean that the comments that all of the Fraud Hattie Debunkers are leaving on her recent fake reviews are having an impact? I think YES!