Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hattie's 72 fake reviews so far this month

You can also find this on Yeti's latest fake review.

It's been a while since I did one of these, Hattie and her relishing readers and fans that are action packed fast paced. (these are all from her 72 fake reviews posted this month)

Lets start with Hattie relishing relished relish:
Readers will relish this entry
readers will relish this super
as fans will relish more the vivid
Readers will relish this well
driven, readers will relish this entry
that his family relishes, Daniel
tense action, readers will relish this strong
driven, readers will relish this strong Amish
Mercy relishes working in
reader, fans will relish this

How about some readers:
Fast-paced, readers will appreciate
family, readers will enjoy
Readers will appreciate this well
Readers will relish this entry
Readers will enjoy this opening
down, readers will relish this super
readers will enjoy the undead horde ripping
Readers will appreciate this ancient
readers will root for the rock
Readers will feel they are on
Readers will relish this well
Readers who ignore the
readers will appreciate this wry
Readers will appreciate Team
perspective, teenage readers and older curious
Readers will enjoy this engaging
readers will relish this entry as the dedicated
Readers will appreciate the intriguing brilliant
readers will appreciate this Maine
Readers will appreciate this engaging
readers will appreciate this exciting
instance readers will feel
readers will enjoy this engaging zombie
readers will relish this strong
action, readers will appreciate this strong
fat girl blog readers and her customers
requirement, readers will appreciate this delightful
romance; readers will enjoy Petra
driven, readers will relish this strong Amish
Readers will empathize with and
Readers will appreciate this fast-paced
couple, readers will find despair
Readers will enjoy Sophie
Although readers
romance provides readers
nowhere; readers will appreciate
Alps, readers will enjoy this fun
paced, readers will appreciate this strong
with, readers will appreciate this profound
packed readers will enjoy David
Readers will wonder whether the fab
Sarah and readers will learn the true

Can't forget about the fans (some of them are motionless):
driven, fans will enjoy the unborn
insignificant, fans will appreciate the beleaguered
to the delight of Z fans
unnecessary as fans will relish
Still fans will appreciate the late
series fans will enjoy the still
leaves fans to wonder whether
older curious fans who have read
Fans will enjoy this taut tale
Series fans will enjoy this
Truth, fans will say
packed, fans will enjoy this twisting second
Fans who appreciate a taut
despair as fans will appreciate the Brady
and baseball fans of all ages
reader, fans will relish this entry as once

And, some audiences:
amateur sleuth as the audience
to hook the audience as the
cautions the audience to avoid
Lewis reminds the audience that attention to
who in the audience infected Yago
the author assumes her audience is intelligent

Throw in a couple of "over the top"s
Engagement are over the top of the Swiss Alps
abductions feel over the top of Mount Hood

And top it off with some action packed action (oops, I meant fast paced action):
Fast-paced, readers will
two fast-paced romantic suspense
fast-paced storyline deploys a teen
Fast-paced from the moment the coach
whodunit is fast-paced and the glimpse
Fast-paced with plenty of action and strange
Fast-paced and loaded with action
Fast-paced and filled with action
amusing fast-paced satire
appreciate this fast-paced entry as first
leisurely-paced tale that enables
Leisurely-paced, readers will appreciate this strong
Fast-paced with each inquiry engaging

All of this carp came from the 72 fake reviews that Fraud Hattie puked out this month.

ETA, Yeti's "thriller"s from this months fake reviews:

a strong Swedish thriller
fast-paced romantic suspense thrillers
Missing is a reprint of a new Equalizer thriller
is the fourth CCI thriller
exciting ninja vs. zombie thriller
readers will relish this super charged thriller
an exciting thriller as the flu
super intelligent thriller that cleverly
exhilarating sidebar thriller that takes
exhilarating action-packed thriller
fabulous outer space thriller that rotates
typical of the thriller subplot with plenty
action-packed cautionary cloning thriller
taut DNA thriller filled with
taut young adult thriller uses the premise that naturing (naturing?)
super Israeli Law and Order police procedural legal thriller
exciting thriller
terrific twisting thriller anchored
fabulous first Black Tide Rising apocalypse thriller
engaging zombie thriller
readers will relish this strong thriller as love
fantasy is a wonderful thriller as the protagonist
exciting investigative thriller
interesting Reagan Era legal thriller
taut thriller with a fabulous midcourse
exciting tense thriller
undercover investigative thriller due
typical action-packed thriller
an exciting thriller as the heroine


Sneaky Burrito said...

As I said on Ammy, I remember the specifics of far too many of these...

Malleus said...

Don't forget the "entreating book". One of her top humdingers of a cliché.

Dona said...

I relish the thoughts!