Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Some HattSpew Classics

This can also be found on her latest fake review

Ok, ya got me going again, here are some Fraud HattSpew Classics, all of these came from the 33 fake reviews that she's posted so far this month.

Let's start off with some readers:
"readers will appreciate"
"provides readers with the immediate aftermath"
"readers will enjoy the caring"
"readers will enjoy the drug"
"readers will anticipate the stratospheric testosterone confrontation"
"Readers will like the Depression"
"Readers will appreciate their energetic romp"
"entertains the readers as the desperate"
"drama as readers will accept the existence"
"grips readers"

And then on to some "Yet Fans" Just what the heck are "Yet Fans" anyway, Hattie?:
"Yet series fans will enjoy these"
"subgenre fans will enjoy this contemporary"
"series fans will relish this bon app├ętit" (mmmmm relish!)

Now we go on to the motionless:
"Still he wants to help"
"Still her escapades" (stop those escapades immediately!)
"Still this is an intriguing epic"
"still frightened on the run fighting machine"

Throw in a "years old"
"accompanied by his fourteen years old son Trevor"

Can't forget about the "fast-paced":
"a fabulous fast-paced mystery"

And, "action-packed":
"is a fabulous action-packed star-crossed urban fantasy"
"her action-packed best"
"inside an action-packed plot"

Wow, this one is just ...:
"is an action-packed over the top of the Empire State Building big cat and big cat thriller"

Can't leave out the "armchair":
"historical that armchair adventurers will want to join"

Throw in a couple more "over the top"'s:
"seems nearly over the top of K2" (did they crash into it?)
"is over the top of the Eifel Tower"
"pleasing over the top of Big Ben Perils"

Last but not least, lewd crude Hattie:
"Adam feels he knows her especially his lower head"

Again, all of this comes to you from the 33 fake reviews posted this month from Fraud HattSplat.

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