Monday, February 23, 2015

Fraud HattSplatt Mid-Month-Update

This can also be found on her latest fake review.

Time for another Phraud HattSplatt Mid-Month-Update.

Let's start it out with year old.
her twelve year old younger sibling
her seven year old intellectually disabled sister
Lannie abducts twenty-four year old Holly Faulkes
the parents of twelve year old Charlie Hardin
his wife Lanni and their now four-year old daughter Jenny
to mentor the fourteen year old girl with

OK, this is more like what we expect from HattCrap:
his angry thirteen years old daughter Angie
Fifty years old university lecturer Patrick
when a healthy fifteen years old boy dies in a tragic
Twelve years old Dalal Shahan
Twenty-one years old Sherry White
fifty-six years old meteorologist Shimura Kobo
drawn by her five years old daughter Maggie
accompanied by five years old Henry
two BFF eleven years old girls
twenty-six years old unknown Jasmine Martin
her stressed out twelve years old son
Evelyn Baine's twelve years old BFF Cassie Byers

Throw in some "over the top"s
head first into the fire is over the top of the Eifel Tower
Over the top of Lafayette Park
You're So Fine is over the top (of the lighthouse)
Although over the top as the first daughters have become the equivalent of
Ray and Lou meet over the top of the Arch and never slows down
ending is over the top of Mont Blanc

Add some motionless:
still somewhat innocent Jean
Still The Thorn of Dentonhill
Still this is a thrilling opening act
Still they decorate her place for the holiday
Still she agrees to help him starting
still distrustful of authorities even by those generations born
Still with her greatest ally
Still this is an electrifying Peter Grant
Still he feels good that his job at the crisis
Still making matters even more strained

Add in some "cat and mouse"s:
into a fantastic cat and mouse thriller
is an exciting cat and mouse tale due
a magical cat and mouse war between
for an absorbing cat and mouse tale

On to some "readers"
Readers will relish Widdershins (mmmm, relish!)
readers will feel they are riding
provides readers with perspectives from the recipient
readers will feel transported
readers will enjoy the antics
readers want more Emily
Readers will figure out early on
introduces her readers to the underbelly
Targeting tweeners, WWII (on the home front) readers and Mark Twain fans, this droll
readers will appreciate the escapades of Charlie
that take readers out of the main
act as no reader will ride
Readers meet key royalists
readers rooting
maintains readers' attention
case hooks readers
relationship while readers will sing
Armchair readers will enjoy visiting
readers will wonder
Readers do not have to wait
that has readers rooting for Trent
readers will relish
Pappano takes her readers to the Big
Readers root for courageous Cass
readers will welcome The New Cowboy
highlighted by readers waiting seemingly

How about some "fans":
epic grips the fans with a profound
series fans will relish knowing
Fans will appreciate Rachel
fresh in fans' minds by
series fans will like visiting
readers and Mark Twain fans, this droll
fans will want to join Peter
instead takes fans out of
in which fans will feel we hike
Snodgrass escorting fans
entry as fans meet
entry as fans learn more
subgenre fans will relish
series fans will appreciate the Smith
Subgenre fans will appreciate Ran's killing
subgenre fans will agree this
Fans will root for the James
Series fans will appreciate the final
epic grips the fans with a profound

Can't leave out "audience"
which enables the audience to better
storyline hooks the audience with its dark
This time the audience understands
them to the audience at times
picturesque as the audience
provides the audience with how adults
provide the audience with a contemplative
pacing enables the audience to believe in the
behooves the audience to read Infiltration
house eventually makes sense to the audience
thriller as the audience obtains new
investigation engages the audience especially
hooks the audience due
transports his audience to early
leaving a stunned audience with an
grips the audience once
children as the audience learns the
storyline hooks the audience from
based on "braining up" the middle school audience.

and then there's the "paced":
starts vivid yet fast-paced; slows down
Fast-paced from the opening
Fast-paced from the start and decelerating
fascinating leisurely-paced thriller filled
is fast-paced and filled with action
This is a fabulous fast-paced seventeenth
Fast-paced with the usual jocular
The storyline starts leisurely-paced even
fast-paced storyline hooks

And "packed":
is an action-packed exhilarating
Action-packed and headed
the most action-packed crime
is an action-packed second
exhilarating action-packed suspense that grips
Action-packed, but with an improbable

And add a little "well written"
two well written sword
Each subplot is well written enabling
investigation well written and brilliantly
albeit well-written subplots distracting
The romance is well-written but

And there you have it, more and more gibberish from Phraud HattSplatt, all of this from her last 100 phake reviews.

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