Thursday, May 28, 2015

Amazon Innovation: no more "look at my reviews" link?

Something wrong with me, or Amazon removed the "See my reviews" link from the reviews on a book page? If it is indeed so, was it to make it more difficult to see bullshit meisters posting bazillion 5-star reviews day and night? What do you think.


Sneaky Burrito said...

They've been changing the look of a lot of things lately but you can still get to everything that was there before. You can:

(1) Click the name of the reviewer (should be blue) to get to the profile page, which looks different now (and has for awhile), although if you want to see an older-style list, click on "Reviews (#)" under activities

(2) Click the title of a review (black, and not obviously a link, but it is) and you'll get to the old-style comment page, where "see all # reviews" is a link to the right-hand side of the page

Malleus said...

True, but you gotta know where to find these links. Before there were present right before your eyes; now they are no longer there. Wonder why this change took place. Considering we used these links to quickly navigate to the reviewers' reviews page and could immediately see if they post tons of fake reviews, I'm suspicious. Amazon has never been "shy" about promoting sales. The very presence of this army of shills is the proof of it.