Sunday, May 1, 2011

Klausner posts same review twice, under different names

First time I see that. Here Harriet posted two absolutely identical reviews, first time as Harriet Klausner and then as "A Romance Reader". Both times five stars (no surprises here). It's a great way to increase a book's average rating, of course... How many more sock-puppet accounts does she have, I wonder?

Anyway, here's a shapshot (just in case the original page gets changed; click to see normal size; I did shrink it a bit to fit on screen, but it's readable though):


Mark said...

You might be right. But it is just as possible that Harriet has been plagarized and has nothing to do with the other account. You'd be surprised at just how blatant they can be. I was once copied at Epinions in a similar way.

Since "Romance Reader" posted the review almost two years later, I'm thinking it is a case of plagarizism. If HK were doing it, I think the dates would be much closer together.

Whether Harriet is to blame or not, that second review should be taken down.

Mark said...

Oops. I misread that yesterday. These two reviews are less than a month apart. While I do still say that a plagarizer can do what I described yesterday, it looks like this is a case of HK posting the same review twice under different accounts.

"Romance Reader" appears to only have one review. Not sure what that means, but it is interesting.

Malleus said...

C'mon, Mark, it's Klausner all right. She even signed the second one herself.