Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What’s up with Harriet Klausner??

Our old friend Vic Mikunas revisits the topic, asking what's up with our Goddess.
On March, 29, 2007 I wrote a blog post here titled THE MYSTERIOUS HARRIET KLAUSNER. That was over 4 years ago. Over the past week there have been a couple of hundred page views of that particular post. Weird? I wonder what’s up with Harriet? ...
C'mon, Vick! What could be up with Our Lady of Fauxreview? You know what's up — nothing's up! She's fat and happy and undaunted and churnin' out her perky burbling blurbs every bit as unstoppably as before, five stars guaranteed!

OT: Dear Reader, you won't believe the requests we're getting at times! But for the love of Christ we won't ridicule such people by making their imbecilities public, but we will give this charitable piece of advice to them: please read the blog before forwarding your pleas to help you with a review from our Goddess. Please give us the courtesy of learning what we're about before telling us what you think we could help you with. (And then, of course, why would we presume to believe that the Queen of Fraud needs or will heed our inferior suggestions about what she should review? She takes no guidance from the lowly. Like Berthold said, "That's why he's a baron, and I'm a prole".)


Barbara Delaney said...

I warned you about this blog name. Tongue in cheek is not readily apparent to fans of Klausner, they're irony-deficient. ( they need more irony in their diets)

Seriously, I cannot imagine what bizarre emails you've had to cope with.

Malleus said...

No worry, I'll forward you the next one we get. They keep coming, belive it or not. People want to promote their crap and Harriet, apparently, is the best way to do so, in their estimation.