Thursday, November 17, 2011

Harriet Klausner reviews blatantly plagiarised Assassin of Secrets by Q. R. Markham (five stars, natch)

We got mail:
11/16/11 3:23:41 PM, [our correspondent; name withheld] wrote:
Interesting discussion about plagairism among writers after a debut novel was debunked as a massive fraud. The book was reviewed and raved about by, you guessed it, Harriett Klausner.

Check out the discussion:
And thanks for this info, dear Correspondent (we never use names unless asked to do so specifically). We appreciate any information about our dear beloved object of veneration here -- although in this particular case, I'd say, the sin isn't too great, after all how would one, even an honest reader, know that a book is a plagiarisation? And of course, since Harriet only reads jacket copy, catching plagiarism is even less likely. Hell, a while ago she even ignored the fact that a book she reviewed had a protagoniste named Harriet Klausner (it wasn't mentioned in the back-cover blurb). These are all insignificant details that won't stop the Klausner juggernaut. Rock on, Harriet!
For those not in the know already, the book in question is Assassin of Secrets by one Q. R. Markham. Here's a link to Harriet's review of it ("superb espionage thriller" is her evaluation. I wonder if the "fans of subgenre" will "relish" and if it's "fast paced"... but it probably is: all Harriet books are that way). Just in case the review gets pulled, I took a snapshot of it as it is now (click on image for real size).


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