Friday, November 11, 2011

OT: Logging off Amazon - Impossibility?

A query from a friend I was unable to answer: how to log off Amazon? Amazon likes to get you to log in (log-in link on every page), but they appear exceedingly reluctant to let you ever log off (no log-off link, ever). Does anyone know where the log-off link can be found on Amazon? All sites I know has a "log off" link on every page you visit; not Amazon. My friend's problem was that she logged in on a public computer and was unable to log off. I looked around and couldn't find anything. There used to be a well-hidden log-off link on the Help page, but it's no longer there.


Mark said...

Up at the top where it says "Hello Name. We have recommendations for you. Not name?" The not name part is a link, and if you click that, it will ask you to log in. If you ignore that and hit the link to take you to the home page, you'll see that you are now logged out.

It's not obvious, though, is it?

Malleus said...

Thanks, Mark. I tried your method and indeed it works! Not obvious indeed though (I don't think this link is intended to be used for logging off; it's probably more like an accidental property -- but it works, which is all that matters).

PS. Btw, I just found a new place where an official log-off link is present: it's on "Your Account" page now, on the right (top) where your name is. It appears only when you're logged in (recently). It is different from the old logoff link (I do have it somewhere, just not handy; when I find it, I'll post it here, just in case someone wants to log off urgently! :-)