Thursday, February 23, 2012

Klausner Performs Author Reassignment Surgery on 1984

This is hot off the press (click on image for full size):

Yeah, you go, girl! Appreciators and rabid fans of Harriet Klausner will relish this fast-paced change in literary annals. Many of us have always felt that Orwell has been grossly overhyped as the author of 1984 and that Huxley would make a far more fitting author of this book. Now Harriet made this official! This is over the top of the Empire State Building, Eiffel Tower, and Mount Kilimanjaro combined. Hallelujah!

Remember you read it here first!


buck210 said...

Someday you're going to have to show me how to do screen shots and edit them for posting here.

Malleus said...

1. Make sure what you want to take a "snapshot" of is displayed on screen.
2. Hit Shift-Print Screen (that memorises the picture in the OS memory buffer aka "clipboard")
3. Open you image-editing program
4. Create a new image (blank one)
5. Paste in the image from the "clipboard" (usually it's Ctrl-V, or whatever menu selection your program uses; typically the "paste" selection from the "Edit" menu).
6. Now that you got your image inside the editor, you can do what you want with it graphically.
7. When satisfied, save it to disk, preferably in the "jpg" format (this produces small files).
8. Open this blog's text editor.
9. Click on the "Add Image" button -- one of the buttons hanging over the top of the editor)
10. It'll open a dialog box, where you will be able to specify which file to upload (pick the one you saved in step 7)
11. Click on OK. Wait till the picture file gets transferred to
12. Click on Done; the image-embedding code has now been added to your post.
That's it!

buck210 said...

Thanks!! I will be trying it soon.