Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fairly slow month for Fraud Hattie

Another month gone by and Fraud Hattie did not disappoint with 203 fake reviews of books that she did not read.

203 fraudulent reviews in Feb 2012, that comes to 7.25 per day for the month, 7.08 per day YTD and 5.92 overall with a total of 26543 "reviews"

And, she also dropped her top 1000 badge by falling in rank 180 places to 1053. A good time was had by all at the celebration!


Malleus said...

Oh yeah, that's nothing. In the past (last year some time?) she went over ten (10!) a day, so 7.25 isn't anything out of the ordinary for her.

Malleus said...

Btw, what happened to this MJN76 post?
Why was it "Deleted by Amazon", did you manage to catch?

buck210 said...

I did read it and think the only thing that was in it was a quote from Hatties original post "Ass Holly"

As I'm sure you've already noticed, he put another comment out there on it wondering why it was bumped.

Malleus said...

Yeah, I did see it. Well, one interesting thing to consider is this: Amazon never actually watches anything themselves. I've seen in passing real vile comments that are there and not removed. I think they like to have like a dozen people click on "Report This" button: then it may get deleted. So: someone's silently watching Harriet's comments and tries to remove stuff on slightest pretext (or w/o any, but Amazon probably verifies actual comments once the "report-this" count hits the magic number. Iow, someone's watching the proceedings, amazing isn't it.