Sunday, September 30, 2012

Two Harriets/Dueling Dual Identities

Will the real Harriet Klausner please stand up? 

The following profile for Fraud Hattie was written in June, 2003:

Harriet Klausner, Amazon #1 Reviewer
 In My Own Words: 
“I was born and raised in europe.  I came to the states 12 years ago and I love it!  I am an editor for an underground newspaper and am always on the lookout for something new, fresh and fun.  My favorite books are Flowers for Algernon byDaniel Keys and The Devil’s Apocrypha by John De Vito.  My favorite films are The Crow and The Matrix.”

This profile was created and posted in the United Kingdom years after she created her American profile.  Below is a side-by-side comparison with her American information:

How is it that these two Harriets are one and the same?

1.     American Harriet was Amazon’s No. 1 Reviewer in 2003
European Harriet’s Profile in 2003 includes the words 
“Amazon #1 Reviewer” - not factual for Europe.

2.     European Harriet reviewed the book “The Devil’s Apocrypha”.
American Harriet reviewed the book “The Devil’s Apocrypha”.

3.     Both reviews are identical.

4.     American Harriet’s wish list contains the book “The Devil’s Apocrypha.”

Harriet posted only one book review under her UK profile—“The Devil’s Apocrypha”.

Harriet has created a second profile on which is identical to her profile on Amazon.  While no comparison was made to the books she has reviewed on Amazon, she has rated only a few books in England compared to the 27,987 she’s reviewed on Amazon and her reviewer ranking is very low.  She quit posting reviews to this account in 2007.

Weird?  Bizarre?  Creepy?  Call the FBI?


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