Saturday, May 17, 2014

Harriet Sells TWO Copies of a Book BEFORE the Release Date!

Cold Shot by Mark Henshaw goes on sale on May 20, 2014, but Harriet has TWO HARDCOVER COPIES on sale right now on (click on the images to enlarge):

Take that, first sale doctrine!


Bev said...

Nice catch, Sneaky!

Wonder how she faked the AVP badge on Amazon for her fake review? Perhaps she preordered it and then canceled it... I'll bet she got BOTH copies free.

Also, wonder why she's selling the two copies for different prices?

What a fraud!

Bev said...

Well duh, I must've confused this with a different book...

She just dumped her fake review of THIS book today and of course it has no AVP badge.

WHAT was I thinking?!

Deborah Hern said...

This is a big no-no with publishers. Just saying. Also, Harriet never disappoints.

Embee said...

While I don't think anyone has ever said that selling free advance copies of books is Harriet's only source of income, having TWO of the same books means that Harriet may frequently get more than one copy of a book from different sources, (e.g., author, publicist, agent, editor, publisher . . . ). It means that she gets two to three times the income per review. That's certainly an interesting facet that hasn't been explored yet.

Embee said...

Oops! Forgot. GREAT JOB, Sneaks.

Bev said...

Embee, I agree.

I believe that, in her heyday, Harriet was receiving many, many more books than she fake reviewed, as well as duplicates and triplicates of the same books. Remember, she was posting an average of almost eight fake reviews a day, or 56 per week. My guess is she was receiving four or five times that many free books.

So, let's conservatively say she was getting 150-200 books a week (and she used to get mostly hardbacks). Resale values were much higher back then, before ebooks. That's a whole lotta dough, and doesn't count all the other revenue sources she has from publishers, websites, etc.

So sad to see her income decreasing these days (NOT).