Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Another Total Wipeout by Amazon

I see someone named "Don Reed" has just suffered a traditional mass wipeout "by Amazon", an awful lot of posts all blown away at the same time. Did anyone catch these posts while they still were present? What were they about?


buck210 said...

Yes, he was posting the same thing over and over. A long post stating the obvious about HK not reading the books/etc.

Malleus said...

Someone needs to warn him (and anyone like him) that Amazon likes to blow such posters away on the spurious basis that they post spam. Of course, it's Harriet herself who is the uber spammer, a life-long achievement of sorts for her. Someone needs to post there somethingto the effect that the Klausner Protection Squad (TM) never sleep, and there's nothing they like better than to call Amz, pissing and moaning about attacks on their dear little Hattie, which, at least in the case of a massive cut-and-paste, Amazon resolves by way of a total wipeout. Beware. Everyone should know not to mass post anything there because that gives them an official reason to blow you away.