Thursday, December 15, 2011

Harriet Congratulated on her 26,000 th "Review"

(Courtesy of the awesome poster buck 210):
buck210 says:

This is your 26,000th "review" Hattie, congratulations! 12+ years of averaging just under 6 fake reviews per day, just how do you do it Hattie? I mean, really, you put out 63 reviews just today alone, how is that possible to read that many books in just one day? Oh, and lets not forget about actually writing these "reviews", just to write 63 of them in 24 hours would be quite a task, and you claim to have also read them? But, then again, you've put out over 120 of them in a day before, so, 63 is just a drop in the bucket for you.

The year in review, stats collected from the GTG Institute of Tracking the Antics of Fraud HK:

185 fraudulent reviews in Jan 2011 5.97 per day 5.97 YTD 5.79 Overall 23678 Reviews to date

229 fraudulent reviews in Feb 2011 8.18 per day 7.07 YTD 5.81 Overall 23907 Reviews to date

204 fraudulent reviews in Mar 2011 6.58 per day 6.91 YTD 5.81 Overall 24111 Reviews to date

306 fraudulent reviews in Apr 2011 10.20 per day 7.73 YTD 5.84 Overall 24417 Reviews to date

171 fraudulent reviews in May 2011 5.52 per day 7.29 YTD 5.84 Overall 24588 Reviews to date

219 fraudulent reviews in Jun 2011 7.30 per day 7.29 YTD 5.85 Overall 24807 Reviews to date

218 fraudulent reviews in Jul 2011 7.03 per day 7.25 YTD 5.86 Overall 25025 Reviews to date

289 fraudulent reviews in Aug 2011 9.32 per day 7.51 YTD 5.89 Overall 25314 Reviews to date

230 fraudulent reviews in Sep 2011 7.67 per day 7.53 YTD 5.90 Overall 25544 Reviews to date

210 fraudulent reviews in Oct 2011 6.77 per day 7.45 YTD 5.90 Overall 25754 Reviews to date

215 fraudulent reviews in Nov 2011 7.17 per day 7.43 YTD 5.91 Overall 25969 Reviews to date

67 fraudulent reviews in Dec 2011 11.2 per day 7.51 YTD 5.92 Overall 26036 Reviews to date

Terrific contribution from buck210, as always. His services to society have been invaluable, hat's off.


buck210 said...

Thanks for putting this out here for me. I will be putting these stats out here in the future.

Malleus said...

Good deal, mate. Glad to have you here, make yourself at home -- we're long-time fans of your awesome commentaries there. One advantage of double-posting them here is that here Amz won't obliterate them. That might even have been the original reason to set up this blog... we've suffered many losses over the years, and our epic battle with bullshit on Amazon started, gosh, um... probably in 2006? But the shill army really got the place under control there, so you truly need somewhere where they can't eliminate your posts and bother you otherwise.

buck210 said...

Thanks Malleus for the greeting!! I will keep double posting here and on Amz with these stats. Early in 2012, I will post some new stats recently discovered on Fraud Hattie.

I just wonder if she might slow down a bit now that her #1 ranking has been ripped away from her. I doubt it, but, one can hope...

Malleus said...

Sounds good... We'll be awaiting impatiently your new stats, buck210.

As far as Our Lady of Fauxreview posting less, I doubt it. More crap is published every day, and it needs to be promoted. After all, Hattie is still some sort of No.1 there (the "hall of fame" blah-blah). But whoever would buy into her spurious credentials before will continue to do so now, no change. She will not slow down, mark my words.