Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Amazon hides reviewers' records now?

Am I missing something or Amazon did remove the "See all my reviews" from the books' pages? Every review used to have this link next to the reviewer's byline, whereby you could quickly skip to the reviewer's reviews page (and potentially see signs of trouble, like no record at all, except for one book — the so-called "one-review wonder"). I do not see this link anymore — am I blind or did it truly get removed? If so, why would they remove it? (Other than making it harder to tell shills from normal reviewers, of course.)


Sneaky Burrito said...

I don't see it anymore, either.

On the plus side, Hattie's ranking is now 1303.

Sneaky Burrito said...

For anyone who doesn't know, if you click on the user's name, that will take you to the person's profile. I don't know how complete the profiles are, but you can then copy and paste the person's customer ID code from the browser address bar.

The code will be in the form: AFVQZQ8PW0L (this is Hattie's) and will be between two slashes.

Then go here:


And type:

"customer: AFVQZQ8PW0L"

Omit the quotation marks, but type everything else exactly as I have it (substituting the customer ID of the person you want to look up).

You'll then be able to sort in a couple of ways (date, rating high to low or low to high, etc.).

Takes an extra step, but we're dedicated.

Beachmama said...
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buck210 said...

Sneaky, thanks for that tip on sorting Hattie's fake reviews! I'm thinking of ideas on how I can use this in my stats, there I go thinking again… (Said in the voice of Curly from the 3 Stooges "I'm trying to think but nutt’n happens")

Sneaky Burrito said...

Buck, I find that only certain sorting strategies work. Rating "high-to-low" for Hattie? Well, you get pages upon pages of 5-star books, followed by 4-stars, etc.

Rating "low-to-high" can be useful, because you can see without much clicking if she's upped the number of 2- or 3-star reviews. I suspect we'll never see another 2-star review again, though.

I personally use the date sorting, because it puts the most recent reviews first for voting purposes.

Malleus said...

To be fair, the links are still present on the separate "See all ?? reviews" page for an item. But not on the "front" page for it, not anymore.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm.. I noticed it, too, not too long ago. I wonder why Amazon removed the "see all my reviews." I remember seeing comments (including mine) stating, "for proof, go to Harriet's "see all my reviews." I'm not a big believer in coincidences. Could it be that Amazon decided to remove it because of our comments?