Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ammy deleting Sara's post for quoting Hattie

Here is the original post from Sara that Ammy keeps deleting:

A-hole? So an a-hole isn't a violation to Amazon's super strict guidelines than let's say a$$hole? Only Amazon's #1 Fraud can get away with such crass language. After all, Hattie and Amazon have a mutually understanding relation$hip: Hattie has her unwavering will and Amazon paves the way for her 28299 fake, offensive reviews. Oh, Harriet, you're as refined and polished as a wet potato.

"Still us geriatrics and DOPs (dirty old people to be politically correct)"

Harriet, your'e a DOP, IAH (Illiterate Amoral Hack), and VIF (Very Insistent Fraud), MED (Mentally and Ethically Deficient), PPP (Perpetually Perverted Perpetrator), ITL (Insult to Literature). When it comes to you, the acronyms are never-ending - much like your fake reviews.

This is Klassic Klausner: So many names, so little substance. Jared, Sandy, Nazg├╗l (as Beachmama said, I can copy paste,too), Eden, Hobbins, Larry. Sheesh, my head is spinning faster than the yo-yo Hattie's fake reviewing monkey plays with.

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