Monday, November 12, 2012

The Mad Hattie's Favorite Band?

Characters in fantasies, in books for teens and tweens, in books about Amish people and Mennonites, in Westerns, in science fiction, and in erotica -- apparently all of them could benefit from the wisdom of  John Sebastian and company (according to Harriet Klausner, anyway):

"Although Nicole is the psychic, Rhodi makes the tale sing as the loving magic is in the music and the music is in him (paraphrasing the Lovin' Spoonful)."  (link)

"The Lovin' Spoonful's classic refrain: 'Did you ever have to make up your mind? Pick up on one and leave the other behind. It's not often easy and not often kind. Did you ever have to make up your mind' seems so apropos to this fabulous sci fi romance."  (link)

"She wonders if she can have her cake and eat it too, but soon will understand that Lovin' Spoonful means more than just a recipe entry, as she now knows what Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind truly means."  (link)

"If the Lovin' Spoonful had been in the Georgia village of Mossy Creek rather than Greenwich Village, they would know that hot time, summer in the mountains means plenty of fun, ole southern style."  (link)

"The question is not whether to freak or not to freak, but instead as the Lovin' Spoonful sang: 'Did you ever have to make up your mind; Pick up on one and leave the other (two) behind.'"  (link)

"This is a strange but enjoyable tale that feels like a fantasy, but is not; as Patricia McKillip provides a scholarly atmosphere in which the Lovin' Spoonful tune 'Do You Believe in Magic?' seems so apropos as there is no paranormal."  (link)  (Note: I've read this one.  Hattie's review gets some character names right but the Lovin' Spoonful reference makes no sense.  The whole "magic is in the music" thing might actually have been appropriate.  But Hattie wouldn't know that since she didn't read the book.)

"The ensemble as always in a Ms. Ray tale is on top of the charts, but the lead duet own the story line as each understands the Lovin' Spoonful's mantra 'the magic is in the music and the music is in me,' make that us." (link)

"She soon realizes she has the skill of playing with the emotions of her fans as the 'magic is in the music and the music is in' her (Lovin' Spoonful)." (link)

"Readers will enjoy Cool Like That as Gia's soundtrack in her head includes Chrisette Michele, Beyonce, Ledisi and Mraiah Carey, etc, but should also have her singing ancient history's Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind? (Lovin' Spoonful)."  (link)

"Abby is terrific when she focuses on the magic issues; her overly melodramatic inability to 'make up (her) mind; pick up on one and leave the other behind' (Lovin' Spoonful) detracts from the storyline."  (link)

"Attracted to the nervous Luke as well as Ezra, Ella feels fickle but knows if given a choice she will 'have to finally decide and say yes to one and let the other one ride' (Lovin' Spoonful's Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind?)."  (link)

"Fans will answer the Lovin' Spoonful question 'Do You Believe In Magic?' with a yes when reading the Cascone siblings' latest horror thriller."  (link)

"Filled with madcap scenarios fans of the series will enjoy the heroine's photographic memory (not) while also singing the Lovin' Spoonful's Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind?"  (link)

"Still with a strong final twist, fans will enjoy Cealie's inquiry but also when it comes to Gil sing the Lovin' Spoonful's Did You Ever Have to make Up Your Mind?"  (link)

"Though that can also be frustrating to the reader demanding she make up her mind though not often easy pick one and leave the other behind (fractured Lovin Spoonful)."  (link)

"Candice Dow provides a Lovin' Spoonful 'Did You Ever Have to Make up Your Mind?' relationship drama."  (link)

"Her wacko but beloved Grandma Verda provides her beloved granddaughter with the perfect ever happy fairy tale wish. Having gypsy magic flow through her veins, Verda grants Elizabeth with whatever she wishes for by adding it to a cake she bakes for a special customer; what Grandma wants in return is for Elizabeth to once again 'believe in the magic of a young girl's heart' (thanks to Lovin' Spoonful)."  (link)

"Although the story line seems overly stretched and doubtful especially the late Cate factor as the reader after a while will hum Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind? and You Didn't Have to be So Nice (Lovin' Spoonful)."  (link)

"Character driven, fans who relish something dramatically different will encourage Autumn while singing the Lovin' Spoonful's 'Did you ever have to make up your mind; Pick up on one and leave the other behind; It's not often easy and not often kind; Did you ever have to make up.'"  (link)

"Still, in spite of the toning down of the clash, fans will enjoy this stylish refrain as 'the magic is in the music and the music is in me' (Lovin' Spoonful) and you; just the preference differs."  (link)

"This engaging erotic triangle with a nod to the Lovin' Spoonful's 'Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind' is an entertaining contemporary romance."  (link)

"The latest Wanda E. Brunstetter's Amish family drama is an entertaining tale as Titus' response to the Lovin' Spoonful song 'Did You Ever have To Make Up Your Mind?' is to trust in the Lord to guide him."  (link)

I can just picture Hattie madly typing (or copy-pasting) away with "Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind?" playing on endless repeat.

Gack, now I can't get Lovin' Spoonful songs out of my head.

*All typos are Hattie's.  I copied this stuff directly from her Amazon reviews.


Embee said...

Funny! I heard the songs playing over in my head as I read.

All of those references flew right by me and I never even noticed.

Thanks for putting them together.

Sneaky Burrito said...

I remembered seeing one of them. I wanted to reference it in my post on Harriet's defenders. But when I searched, 22 of them showed up!

Embee said...

I found a Jefferson Airplane reference last night when I was running through some stuff. That reference, too, was nonsensical.

I wonder how many more musical references she's got out there.

Sneaky Burrito said...

Dona told me about an ABBA one. Maybe I'll keep a list.

Dona said...

I had no idea there were so many of them! She needs a new groove, or two.
Thanks, Sneaky!