Sunday, November 25, 2012

Keep Looking, Diogenes

We know Harriet Klausner is conversant with 1960s pop culture, Yiddish vocabulary, and unusual euphemisms for...uh, how to put this politely...reproductive organs.  But I'll bet you didn't know that Hattie is also familiar with ancient Greek philosophy.  A particular favorite seems to be Diogenes of Sinope.  Some examples:
  • "Yet readers know that Diogenes only need to meet him to find an honest person trying to adhere to his values in a system that prefers the lowest ethical denominator." (link)
  • "Suzanne believes she is the ideal modern day Diogenes because she has the proper morals and the fortitude to expose the cheaters." (link)
  • "The Ambition is an exhilarating political thriller that grips the audience who will wonder if government office denotes corruption as cynical Strider is like a modern day Diogenes only he finds dishonesty." (link)
  • "Murphy is an Indiana Jones type adventurer with strong beliefs in God that sustain him; he is flawed and prone to doubts when he makes difficult decisions as a modern day Diogenes hunting for the truth." (link)
  • "Diogenes would have found his honest man in Tom, but even the Greek mythical traveler would wonder whether honesty is the best policy." (link)
  • "Diogenes would have ended his search if he met Lydias who with a strong support cast serves as the center of the story line even as the real General Ptolemy begins a dynasty in Egypt." (link)
  • "Fans will enjoy the wacky duo and the fabulous support cast though the final reconciliation seems too simple for someone who like Diogenes seeks integrity above all else even love." (link)
  • "Though how the media failed to know that Adam stuttered seems off kilter and his deception seems wrong for someone as ethical as Diogenes was seeking, readers will enjoy this political romance that encourages everyone to seek his or her dreams." (link)
  • "Since then he has been the epitome of integrity, a man that Diogenes would believe is that honest fellow he sought." (link)
  • "Although black and white as the good guys are ethical Diogenes' candidates and the bad guys are Darth Vader protégé, readers will relish this powerful look at the impact of a multi-billion dollar medical insurance fraud industry." (link)
Oh Hattie, how ironic that your favorite philosopher was so concerned with the search for an honest man!

Or maybe she prefers the side of him that history remembers a little differently: "He [Diogenes] even rejected normal ideas about human decency. Diogenes is said to have eaten in the marketplace, urinated on some people who insulted him, defecated in the theatre, masturbated in public, and pointed at people with his middle finger." (Wikipedia)  Hattie certainly does defecate all over Amazon every Tuesday morning.

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