Monday, February 4, 2013

Another Author commenting on Hattie's fake reviews

"I'm the author of this book; and I have to say, although I'm flattered that Ms Klausner gave it 5 stars...I have to agree with the comments so far. From what she wrote above, I don't think she read it. Honestly, it's just not good to do this. It doesn't help me, or other authors or other readers. It just corrupts the reviewing process on Amazon, which is really too bad. You can like Villa Triste or not ( I hope you do) but the facts matter. The portions that take place during The War, are based on in-depth research. The sisters are based on real people. Isabella, for instance, is a member of GAP, the urban branch of the Italian Partisan Movement. They're not 'supporting efforts to get the Germans out of Villa Triste'. It was the Fascist and Gestapo HQ, so that would be rather pointless. Over a quarter of the members of the Partisan Movement were women; this is only a portion of their stories, but hopefully it is an accurate portrayal. And, incidentally, just to clarify: Villa Triste is not a re-issue. It was published by MacMillan in London in 2010, then by MacArthur in Canada. This is the first US publication, although bootleg and foreign copies have been available on this site and others for a while. I agree with the person below who suggests that you read the reviews attached to those editions. They seem to have been written by people who actually read the book, and will probably give you a better idea as to whether or not you might like to read it. And, Ms Klausner, if I've offended you, I'm very sorry; but I don't think you should review books you haven't read. It doesn't do anyone any good. I hope if you actually read The Villa Triste, that you'll enjoy it. I wrote it to be as much of a novel as a thriller, since the 'who done it' is, I believe, in many ways less central than the 'why'. If anyone else who's actually read it would like to post a review, that would be nice. "

link to the fake review


Malleus said...

Very good. Nice to see an author with a modicum of integrity.

Sneaky Burrito said...

Certainly better than this one: